Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Joy Called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar ---One last time that magical feeling before a glittering career closes !!!!

                      Within sometime in the next five days -we would have seen one of the greatest cricketers in history of game walk in and walk out of our TV screens for one last time --that familiar nod --that tap on the pitch --followed by that picture perfect stance --would have all become history --History of a man who started as a boy wonder --became a champion batsman --and eventually retires as a unparalled legend of the game.Perhaps somewhere a part of millions of us who grew old with the great little man would have died --a part that got so excited seeing the little big man of Indian Cricket --for the best part of his career he was undisputedly the best batsman of his generation.

                        There is a story every Indian who are in their 30's now have about tendulkar -Quotes like -"You know when Sachin hit 122 i was hearing that in radio man ""When Sachin got out to stumping in World Cup 96 i knew India would lose " etc ---A remarkable career glittered with endless highlights  like ---"Scoring a Hundred returning to play cricket after losing his father "--"The brutal refusal to accept defeat in Sharjah against Australia "--"The spectacular fightback against Wasim and Co for that Chennai Masterpiece "--"The stunning 241 when struggling for form ""The masterly defence against Steyn when everyone was struggling"--"That sensational 175 against Australia supposedly by a ageing warrior ""That magical 200 not out "- countless really ,,In all fairness during Sachin's career ,Brian Lara was the most flambuoyant,Steve Waugh the grittiest,Rahul Dravid the gutsiest ,Mark Waugh the most stylish ,Jacques Kallis the most consistent --but Sachin Tendulkar was the benchmark everyone was compared with --Period !!!

                          My stories are immense about Sachin because i grew up watching the great man -and i could write the number of breathtaking innings i have watched him play in his career --because i watched them all ---as a youngster growing he was my biggest joy ---biggest source of entertainment --a tiny little part of my life despite having no relevance --a tiny part that made me happy so many times watching him smash bowler after bowler in the glorious 90's when there was noone better than him , there was a aura around him that was unexplainable .I can't remember the number of times i watched that magical Sharjah Innings of 143 --it made me more and more  to fall in love with that joy called Tendulkar --so much i found ways to even bunk my university exams just to watch Sachin bat in Australia 99 -2000.
                                      Why is Tendulkar revered as such?the answer is  picture all  these great duels --Tendulkar vs Warne ,Tendulkar vs Mcgrath ,Tendulkar vs Wasim ,Tendulkar vs Muralidharan ,Tendulkar vs Ambrose ,Walsh,Tendulkar vs Donald ,Pollock ,Tendulkar vs Shaoib,Tendulkar vs Brett Lee, ---memorable duels with some all time great bowlers --the present generation doesn't have those great bowlers --with tendulkar it was like watchin a absolute classic with some of those great bowlers ---that we can't remember Tendulkar crossing the line and abusing like the Kohli's ,Watson's , Dhawan's of this generation despite being in some tough duels is ample testimony to the character and dignity the little man played the game he loved to bits for 24 years ,,Longeivity that did not rob the great man fielding in the deep even in his late 30's and for major part a safe fielder who  always had a great arm .
                                    Being the best batsman of his generation ,,being in the No 1 test Ranked team ,,,being in a World Cup winning team which was his dream all his life ,,,Winning the IPL  and finally winning the CL20 league --the man has achieved everything possible --Some say he played for records --some say he played selfishly --sometimes maybe yes because he's human ---we are flawed but he will always b celebrated in the highest order because he made very little mistakes and was always less flawed compared to some of the superstars he played with ,that is the hallmark of Sachin Tendulkar
                          So much has changed since his debut 25 yrs back  and so much will still change but the joy that tendulkar gave millions countless times ,,the joy that he exhibited while playing the game he loved to bits ,,the joy with which he carried the expectations of a nation ,,the joy with which he made every Indian proud countless times will always forever be remembered with a evergreen happiness in everyone's heart ,,And soon the great man will leave ,,very soon  --head held high --that bad in hand with which he performed miracles --leaving a tear in everyone who watched him and will take away that tiny part in people like me which routed for one name always "Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar "---A glittering career draws to close with the picture of a that ram rod straight drive for one last time forever etched in our memory .

    "Thanks Sachin for being a unforgettable part of my youth -- Thanks for making us happy countless times --Goodbyes are never easy --yours will be the hardest for millions --Farewell King "

Sunday, November 3, 2013

11 th Anniversary To the Most Marvellous Human Being I Ever Knew -My Mom !!!

                                        Eleven years without you --Eleven Years without the angel who is largely responsible for what im today ,,Whatever i achieve will always be because of you ---I know heaven will be a happier place with you there.


There is no greater happiness in my life than to be called to be your son -- Love you loads and loads Miss you Mom ,,Always !!!