Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Hundred Centuries--thousands to go :)

IS THE VALUE IN THE GIFT, OR IN THE THOUGHT—I say, neither, the real value lies in how it’s accepted and how it’s treated.
            Today if I look back and see what I have achieved in my life—my answer will be “A bunch of great souls”. And I am extremely lucky to have them in my life.
            You know it well you are one of them and will remain always. Thank you for being my back always and being the only shoulder to cry upon every time I needed to :)…. boys do cry :(
                This might be a gift for you for a day but it has been a sequence of gifts to me when I read a new blog now and then, which gives me motivation and strength to move on and specially to recognize how important people are in our lives. At times when I am down, I come back here to read few selective masterpieces to acquire some strength and motivation.
                I loved my mom but not as much as I do now.
                                    Thank you Brother.

Now the truth…

Long back I used to get a lot of mails, and I was tortured alone, so I thought “why only me”, let everyone suffer J.. Sorry guys and gals J

                                    Carry on Brother..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its Alright To Be Imperfect!!!

"Mistakes should be taken as a footprints on the shore of a sea --footprints are untraceable  once a wave hits the shore -so should be a mistake !!! "

                                         That is how precisely it is --you can blame it on society -surrounding--living environment --caste differences --or watever --but it is a undeniable truth--i have wondered what theory made us implement this subject --but this has been in many cases the core issue between lots of people --i always saw this as a hazy picture as i myself was involved in quite few peculiar instances in life where the first mistake was seen as a unacceptable flaw--sumtimes ending in tears --sometimes in anger -sometimes in pain --the last such loss made me realise that " A Mistake is the easiest thing to identify and hardest thing to forgive "-that night made me just wonder "Why do people expect us to be flawless and perfect always --Is there not a way to accept imperfections --Maybe a case to accept flaws are part of relationships and frdships "
                                         "Being perfect has its flaws "- to form any frdship and relationships it takes years--so many sacrifices --built on the base of strong hope and built on stronger belief --it should be the unbreakable sky scraper but it ends up being a stacked pack of cards ready to be shattered by one piece of stone ,how odd that the exact last part overhauls the entire beauty of a relationship or frdship .
                                          Expectations are never wrong --but after certain point of time expectations has to be suppressed by understanding --that is where things go wrong --a wife/girlfrd expects a husband/boyfrd to love her as he did when he saw her first time --she never understands that husband or a boyfrd after a stage feels comfortable of being reserved ,less expressive beleiving he would be understood --parents keep expecting hell a lot from their kids -sumtimes not realising it is  beyond realms of possibility --even best friends miss out on the simple fact

       " To expect is nature but that is not gud enough reason for failing to understand "
                                          Its better to accept imperfections --its better to stick together with people whom u have felt heaven --with whom you have smiled without reason--with whom you have shared happiness --the only way love can last a entire life is to accept the other person is bound to have flaws that will prop up as time goes ---Inevitable ? --yes --Unacceptable? --No.
                                         A relationship is built on hell a lot of compromises --a frdship is built on hell a lot of hopes ---the joy of living a life in earnest hope and belief lies in patience --and very importantly the ability to accept imperfections -- To be anything otherwise is like 
       " Trying to catch water using a fish net in a pond ---u will always end up with only fishes
        We are bound to be flawed --everyone of us --the only way u can find a way is to
        Accept your loved one's imperfections "
" I have never been flawless --just that it took me years to accept i can never be one --so is the world"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If This Is The Best We Could Offer Then-A Bleak Future Awaits!!!

                         " If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. -------George Washington --America's First President "
           “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”-- Mahatma Gandhiji
                                For the first time in my life i had doubts of writing anything --Writing has been my biggest passion --I fell in love with words when i knew nothing --My lifes most magical moments have been  interwinged by words --i connected with people so far away only through these wonderful words --My soulmate ,,My best frds --I have found a brother worthy of my  dream of this only --all unseen but connected to my heart through words --thats everything what i wished  --But today i feel its not the best thing to have ---I feel more and more insecure by the very feeling there is hardly anything called as freedom of expression in the largest democratic country in the world i live -- My India ,,Atleast events suggest it has been snowballing slowly so that we are in position to set a bad precedent to our next generations .
                                       I wanna make it clear im not arguing for any side of the incident that transpired but my biggest concern is the dwindling freedom of expression in our country the following incident is not just the first case in recent memory ,Just the facts and my humble perspectives as a individual
                                    Consider this happening with the following link that describes exactly what i mean . 

                                     If someone for example exhibits a derogatory expression on someone he /she dislikes then it can be considered as something to be condemned/countered  but to consider it as a crime/a arrestable offense --cmon then you are literally questioning the mere existence of democracy in our country --Yes people who express their views on public issues need to be responsible enough --to understand that to express doesnt mean you have liberty to write anything you want - but to be frank ---a 21 year old has to be given some leeway that she is a 21 yr old at the end of day -An open apology was not enough -To punish her to this extent seems bordering on the extreme level of atrociousness,,Grossly unfair to her future --Imagine how her day to day life would have changed after this ---She would be in limelight for all wrong reasons --Whatever the issue is to arrest someone who has merely liked a status message borders on scratching of any democratic values that every Indian is proud to be part of living in this magical part of world where emotional values are given the prime importance .
                                  Few months back this happened based on a "tweet"

                                 Arresting someone based on a tweet ---gimme a break i thought that time .The case was almost similar to this one  .
                                "   My point is not to argue of what has happend  for it is impossible to know the real facts to give a concrete answer for the incidents --nor can it be the base for any assumption --my worry is the future that seems bleak of all these incidents --What happens to the lot of  aspiring writers ,excited tweeters ,wishful facebookers in this country---What is the message that is being sent to them ??--
         *  That he/she cannot put ur views just because someone may not like it and you might have to suffer the wrath of them ?
         *  That he/she is always endangered by the prosperity of being under scrutiny thereby losing the freedom of speech and expression they have ?
         *   That even a apology sometimes may not be enough for a innocent mistake ?
         *   That he/she will always have to believe there is just one perspective and one perspective only of a sensitive issue that they have to comply no matter what ?
                                 How many endless questions they will have  as such --and it is only matter of time that people will be constrained from voicing  their opinion just because a few people might not like them --constrained in every form of expression just because the opinion served out is not the one they wanted !!!
                                "You take what u want and leave what u dont "
                                  My sincere feeling is there are thousands of  aspiring writers in this world --there are thousands of  orators in this world --people do this for passion mostly --some end up taking it as professional jobs ---to view a opinion as a irrevocable crime is not a end to any problem --after all you cant prove everything right or wrong as per your wish --the presence of right and wrong is actually a reflection of perspectives --Ignoring is the best answer to something you dont like --to show the whipping powers you might possess to quash a individual 's view is being grossly unfair
                                  What is life if everyone has the same opinion ?--If u cant appreciate criticism then u cant be a critic either --All you do is just become a nodding doll whose only pupose is to just nod the head for everything so as to satisfy everyone concerned --Imagine such a world --it would be the worst place you wish never to be ---What we do now is the seed for our future --and if it goes on like this then our future will be like people born with mute buttons in their mind ---Freedom of speech and expression is very important for developing a individual -therby being part of a developing society --To stop tthe individual is like stopping the development of a society .
                                  Still believe there are  far too many educated people and calm headed leaders all over our country to prevent such a state in the foreseeable future --Anything less might hinder our growth --Because as they say
                                   "If this is the best we can offer then it is just not good enough "
                                   (  *** Written entirely based  on my own thoughts --no way meant to hurt anyone - if so it is highly regretted --freedom of expression was what made me choose to exhibit happily my passion of writing --all i wish is for it to exist for all the right reasons --The torch has to be passed to next generations with more hope and belief -the purpose of this blog is only that ***)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just Leave It To Your Heart,,,Always

  Dedicated To one of my best mates and good buddy Sembian Pugalmani  who triumphed  after a emotional week of  sorts ,,,,

  " I said nothing ---My buddy u said nothing too
    I wanted to tell u loud --ur kid will be alright --but i didn't
    U silently said " Thank you "with ur eyes
    If anybody deserves some good luck for being a gud person all life  it was u i thought
    Fourteen years since u first called me "friend "
    To be your best mate on ur marriage day was a priveleage
    All those fourteen years i never knew u could cry
    When u did as a emotional father of a beautiful angel i felt the wetness of your unseen tear
     And all along i thought i have become emotionless and lonely
      Little did i realise that even with one friend for life u are never alone --forever !!
      Today i heard u smile a relieved person having won a emotional battle
      I am relieved too --Maybe what the heart feels a mind can never understand !!
     "Everytime i question myself why i should not be pessimistic in life
       I find a gud human being -giving me a  better reason to never be so
       Maybe its true --should just leave it to my heart,,,,,,,,always .!!!!

Cheers !!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Life Is A Timed Masterpeice "

One of the toughest long days in memory  ,
          " I just dont wanna desert my search for love --i just want to desert loneliness "

                                    " Diwali -- Festival of lights "--A day perceived to bring more light to our lives but oddly today seemed the most unhappening diwali of my life --Is it a irony or just a process of events in life that were always meant to happen is debatable --but undeniable is what it is.Strangely Diwali has the biggest impact in my life ---it used to be the biggest occasion day in my life for 20 years --the dresses -the crackers --the sweets --the guests --the friends visit --the new movies on televison --the fun of the day always made me look to this day every year
                                       Diwali became a marked day when my wonderful mom passed away exactly on diwali day --It is almost a decade i have celebrated the day with that same vigour --maybe the day has left with me too much significance to underplay it .Where once it was marked by smiles all around --by friendly banters by innumeorus friends --by sharing of sweets in the wee hours cracking senseless jokes with buddies --by innocuous late night calls with online friends --the day gave me endless happiness --some moments frozen for eternity --that i can feel the moments as fresh as a daisy --so beautiful it was --but reality sometimes hits you hard when u least expect it too --In matter of years the same day that gave endless joy just seemed the toughest  day . imaginable

       " From the beginning i thought i was destined to search love but
           seems loneliness was destined to find me before that --always !!!"                            
                                      How time has changed --perhaps life is  a timed masterpiece - a pre written piece of our future that  can never be predicted --the best hope is to find solace in our belief -never change them for anything at anytime even if it comes at a deadly price--because as i said we can never guess the next happening -- Call it irony --Call it coincidence of fate --defeat to inevitability --price for trying to find my solace in "Love "--this day seemed loneliness had won the battle ---almost ---because there is a tommorow to be seen and a life to be lived !!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ten Years Without U -But With Ur Memories And Tht Unforgettable Angelic Smile !!!

                                  "Your failures are my mistakes as a mother "

                                         Dedicated to the soul whom i owe everything in my life --to the one person who showed me the meaning of love -To My Mom -On her 10th death anniversary --04-11-2012

From my memories  :
 It was year 1983--Around-- Trichy "SEVAA SANGAM SCHOOL "
                             My first entry into school doesnt bring me any memories other than one person --Mom --Her Name "Sittal Achi "---As it is the ignorance of childhood --i used to call her "Sittu"--i remember how she used to walk me to the class with bag in hand -pleading me to go --and i remem crying like anything --sitting in class --only one thing comforted me --i could see her standing in the gate from my class(my class was first one to gate i think )--that happend for the time i studied over there --i dont remem the teachers ,the students or anyone else except her .
                            Studyin in one of the premier schools ought  to have changed her mindset --but it did not --she was tireless --the class timing was changed and i was one of three kids --she had to take care of all three of us -she did it for all of us with that same tirelessness--She was my first tuition teacher --she learnt english so that she could help all three of us since we studied in Anglo Indian Schools where english was given prime importance ---She learnt English every year along with us --despite not having any degree all she had was fierce determination--Nothing was beyond her --she believed--and if not for her i would have stuck sumwhere in seeing studies as a improbable reach due to the high standards of education demanded by the school i was educated -i was above average student only of her efforts -she underlined education is a must and dedication an even important must .
                         Most importantly all this was done with her waiting almost 4 hours at the gate hoping to see my face --never tired ---then helping us in studies --then washing the clothes bare hands --remember countless occasions making her waske up and cook up at early morning --again never tired just a smile ---how much can a mother love not getting angry is amazing --my pain was shared by her without me asking ---and i never asked her how shes been doing it when she was alive --doing things for her children made her forget she had her own life --her own likings ---her own wishes --everything had seemingly taken a back seat -i look back at that now and i cannot but admire what a mother i have had .
                         Failures never perturbed her belief ,it made her responsible for them instead,,it just added to her determination-despite all her efforts --the expected results from me never happened mainly and wholesomely due to my careless attitude of young years --but it made less impact on her remarking once when i broke down after failure after failure asking my mom
                       "Can i quit studies--i have become a abject failure " See "Your failures are my mistakes as mother too "--That stayed with me for long time --not that it shook of my slumberness -but it was something could be said only by mothers -this world has seen countless changes --internet revelations --modernisation has become an inevitable acceptability --like or not --but one thing that has been stable --a seemingly constant among extraordinary revelations -a universally accepted credibility to mankind --"Motherhood "--the first ecstacy--the first happiness--the first medal--even the first failure when occured the first person we like to express to is our mothers .
                        " I Expect nothig--i will be ur side in everything "--that seems the motto of mothers --the single relationship that expects nothing but gives everything --And the beauty of my life was i got even more --Mom --It is 10 years since u left me but it seems lot more --- i feel ur fragrance even as i write this --i hugged and held ur hands tight for years --the rough  tireless hands still stay in my mind --and that magnificent smile -the smile which kept and keeps me fighting during trouble some times --the never ending attendances to road side shops to fill my stomach not my heart --everything shows what i ought not have missed --not atleast for few more years --but i do realise that u were tireless all ur life --tireless to do ur duties ---tireless to make ur kids realise the importance of leading a good life by living one --when the moment eventually arrived --when fate cruelly came out with arms open to get u back --when death stood for a minute in shame for coming to take ur life at that young age --i saw that ur last tear from ur eyes showed maybe u have been tired of endless sacrifices --maybe god was feeling u were sacrificing too much --he decided to take u by his side once for all -angels are after all god sent --and i had the priveleage of being with a angel  for years. 

           " I lived a dream for 20 years-I smiled when in happiness with countless reasons
              Ten years without u ---Neither do i have that smile ,nor that effervescent happiness
               But i have ur  memories --ur priceless words for life --i ask no more

                           Nothing makes me proud than being called "your son "!!!
                       Hoping you are happier and at peace --ur dreams will be realised --Luv u lot --Miss u hell a lot my tireless angel--i know u r watching up sumwhere with that angelic smile -that unforgettable angelic smile .