Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary To Two Great People - My Parents !!!

" You knew my path before i could walk ,so you removed the thorns before it could prick me "

                                                             ---To all the wonderful selfless parents who shape the lives of their children forgetting their own ---and to my wonderful parents for everything they gave me and give me still !!
                                                         "Be careful "-- That is sort of the magical irritating word every parent used to tell their children wherever they go a million times ---but for me it was like something that was uttered trillion times ,,i got irritated then -- But now i could not believe myself how they could do that tirelessly ---That's actually a tribute to all the parents out there --every mom and dad out there are not just god's gift to us --they are the living gods in our lives --the sacrifices ,the sleepless nights ,,the weight of responsibilites ,,the million nights just talking for the welfare of their children --To know the pain and struggle of a parent --you have to be a parent i guess -I'm still guessin but one day i wish i would see it for real -because its the biggest source of happiness  for any person born in this world .
A train journey that had million smiles from my evergreen Mom ,
                                                              Someday  during the year of 2000 ,there was a incident i remember very well even now ---It was a late night journey where my mom and dad were returning from Chennai to Trichy in a train ---We siblings  were in our house in Trichy --That was the time when mobile phones were starting to come into limelight -- we had a mobile phone and our mom had a mobile phone ---She was hardly used to using such gadgets --but every single time she had that phone she would call us --she learnt to send sms to us ---and she was so happy using that gadget only to speak with us to make sure she was with us every minute --i remember her sending messages like "Hello My children "--- "Hello My Son " the whole train journey--It might sound silly --But only moms could make those silly moments unforgettable --she made it memorable for us --  we all were sitting in the houses   playfully mocking her messages and activities --and all of us were grown ups by that time --but her love for us never diminished as years went by ---She used to come to pick each one of us now and then even in college with some snacks in the evening ---Her world was only us from the moment we were born and till the moment she left it never ever changed .

What life never taught me my dad always did !!
                                                              The biggest thing i understood we had to have in life was grit ---something i watched from close quarters my dad doing every single time destiny was trying to defeat him --all he did was to make himself a stronger shield to face that demon called destiny ---With three unmarried children and a shocking loss of the love of his life ---My Mother ---He was faced with endless terror amid monumentally difficult circumstances without the support of the pillar of his life --He got more determined than ever and after a decade long of struggle so much  physically but never mentally he achieved the unthinkable ---fulfilling his duties and the duties leftover by my mom--i was never born a gritty person --i was born bit  brittle  --but i always had a living example to try being someone gritty --Every dad out there is very special --they take the responsibility for shaping up the lives of their children by endlessly sacrificing their dreams --They show so much anger which is their unique way of expressing their heartfelt love to their children --I hope one day have that wonderful feeling because i have seen the glitter in my old man's eyes even now -its a glitter like nothing else ---to be a father is very special guess atleast my father made it look it very ,very special by being a extraordinary man with limited words with unlimited love for his kids 
                                                           For everyone their childhood and school life is the most unforgettable part of their lives --because of those evergreen memories those days leave  in our mind with our parents being in it almost in all of them --My childhood and school life had nothing but beautiful memories with my parents ---I was a introvert then who had no friends and noone understood that better than those two angels ---they kept being there for me till i started having a better outlook on life and world --to exist and survive in this cruel world you had to have guts,belief in love - i had two people who symbolised exactly that in real life as my dad and mom !!.

                                                         I always cherished such occasions as a kid because those were moments that made my life a joy to behold , my mom and dad kept giving us countless gifts on their birthdays ,on their wedding days etc but the greatest gift they gave me was being the most beautiful gift god bestowed upon me as a kid -THEY AS MY PARENTS ,

                                                          Happy Wedding Aniversary Dad and Mom --Mom i know you are watching happily from heaven your gritty man fighting like hell to beat that  demon called destiny --because he knew ,,i know ,,and everyone who loved you ,love you know that you were the angel that made destiny hang its head in shame from taking your life so soon --but  destiny will never take the beautiful memories you created in our world with that wonderful efferevescent smile of yours --I'm no more a teen but every single time i think about you --i remember those lines "Be Careful "--What a beautiful meaningful life you lived with a wonderful humble man ---my biggest motivation in life will remain to be called a son you both visioned --to be called your son would always be the biggest pride of my life  .
             A special thanks to Sandeep Sheoron and Seema Sheoron !!!