Wednesday, August 30, 2017

" Happy 40 th Wedding Anniversary to two wonderful human beings i knew in life --My parents :) "

        "There is no one as endlessly loving  and caring as our parents -- To the great king and angel queen  i was born to on their 40 th Wedding Anniversary "
   My Mother,
                              The one big regret i have in life is i could not see my mom getting old --beautifully old ---it is the most wonderful relationship in the world that no word can express poetically enuf --Sometimes u wish life had a pause moment with her because she creates so many beautifully memories that we don't understand that we are part of special bonding that would give countless goosebump memories till our last .
                              Life with her was the happiest part of my life ---that angelic smile --that caring cuddle of hair when i was sleeping ---those are just things mother do which no one else do ---she cooked --she taught me --she made me laugh --she had no enmity towards anyone --she was the angel i saw everyday --the angel whom i could touch play hold her hand and walk whenever i wanted .She played with me --she was and will always be the shining light that will keep flickering before me in the darkest of times --beyond every thing the one thing i admired was the respect ,the admiration ,the unbinding love she had towards my father --i remember her sayin many times the exact words my father would utter few minutes later in different places ,,their level of understanding was beyond belief ,,her love towards us was unparalled and beyond words .
                             A brave lady who made even death hang its head in shame for coming to take her life early  --a woman who  symbolised grit in the most testing circumstances even when she knew it was her time to go --called us and said nothing but "take care of dad "---I knew it was just true love out of extreme understanding for her better half .In short she lived a life which became a lesson for us who knew her .So Short yet amazingly magical .

My Father ,
                             I have seen  this wonderful man get old though so much so he is sure to see me getting old too :P,Jokes apart every father is the first inspiration to every son out there ,,my father was no different to me --he still remains my biggest inspiration --beyond being a sucessful business man with fame coming along it --nothing went to his head --he was always a man who could not express his love in words like my mom -like all the fathers in the world --but he always knew when i would fall he would be there to help me out ---to be there when im lost for direction in life i have his words to redirect me --a strict person to the core but a lovable man like none seen in the world ---a man of little words but with endless love towards his children .
                            Some years back when doctors  had warned us a 48 hour time deadline to get over for my dad --he called us and said "Dont worry --Nothing will happen to me ,,i have duties your mother left me to complete --i will not leave until i have completed  all her dreams and wishes ",and he made sure mom saw all the dreams she wished to achieve through his eyes .

                                          To two people who were the epitome of understanding --to two people who not only gave me life ---gave me everything i have today ---to two people who i will never be ever to repay for all that they have done to me in life ---to two people who showed mutual love is the ultimate feeling the world --to two people with whom i have had countless happy memories --happy 40 th Wedding Anniversary --Love u Mom --i know u are watching in happiness --u would have to wait hopefully for a long time to see ur better half in heaven :P --love u both endlessly (Sumday I hope i become a parent to know how beautiful it is to feel to be like u both !!!))!