Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Everlasting Memories Of My Wonderful School With Unforgettable Teachers!!!

                            Dedicated to the wonderful teachers who i will never forget in my life --Especially Dharmanathan Sir ,Rasheed Sir ,Motha Miss and all those wonderful teachers from my unforgettable school CAMPION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL !!!(With all due respects to my college teachers --school was completely a magical experience --that feeling still remains so many years later too!!)

               " Teachers are like ink in a beautiful fountain pen --everybody appreciates the look ,the words flowing from the pen but hardly anyone appreciates the fact its of no worth without that ink"

                                                       Was watching all news channel flashing about all those wonderful future stars beginning to shine --It happens to be result day for 10 th students -- and all those stars needed a sky --A sky in the form of tireless ,dedicated ,hardworking souls who never get enuf credit for all their efforts to make us someone  in this ever competetive world  --" TEACHERS ",My mind went back to my school days --beautiful school life --i guess for everyone their school life is a special experience like no other ,,for me its no different .

Fondly Remembering late " Rasheed" Sir ,

                                                      The first time i met Rasheed Sir --i enquired  innocently --"Sir will i get 100 marks if i become your student" ,,Sir was one of the wonderful teachers every student liked because he was so friendly ,caring and knew abt all his students just a bit more than others --he replied  with that wonderful smile " Kanna - All of you are very special --my job is to make sure you all know that through us -Next time i see you --you must wear that tie properly always ---he kept doing that till i finished school --and to many of us who were his students.

                                                       Rasheed Sir was so perfectly dressed always ,always had a smile ,,always had a shoulder over some student --and that effervescent word "Kanna "--which always seemed so soothing and so caring in a admittedly strict school atmosphere .A teacher par excellence in every sense .
                                                        Rasheed Sir unfortunately passed away while i was in college --and i heard the news while i was in college  --i went to washroom and almost instantly broke down --This seemed grossly wrong --i was too young to understand life is cruel to leave you with everlasting happiness --but sir was a exception --a beacon among teachers -to all those students who studied under him --it was a special ,special experience --He was the like a  "God" who  enlightened us always with that ever sprightly wallk and smile.

                                                        Dharmanthan Sir was someone who made me feel like very special though i deserved nothing but he was another person who had such wonderful rapport with students with such a down to earth personality .Hardly ever spoke a harsh word against anyone and someone who made me fall in love with words with his unbinding love to his profession .
7 th Std -- Dharmanathan Sir 
                                                         Hard to believe it is now almost two decades since all this happened --but boy what a treasure of memories these marvellous teachers left  in our lives ---they saw  us as little kids --saw us grow into boys --and eventually bid farewell to us  as aspiring young men with great dreams to achieve ---they remain in the same places we all began --we all keep running after our dreams --climbing impossible ladders to reach monumental landmarks in our lives -but when we take few minutes and turn back --it will be flooded with those magical moments with our teachers etched in many of them ---they are after all they are the sky where our lives are shown brightly to the whole world --the unsung kings/queens of our life who wish nothing but best for us .
Another wonderful down to earth person -Sethuraman Sir 
One and only master of Physics -Xavier Sir 
                                                        Admittedly i tried like hell to shine bright but soon realised i was limited talent wise with reference to studies , I often struggled to reach the toppers level --i was never gifted neither that hardworking as many others --but i was blessed with remarkable teachers who kept believing in all our abilities however limited it was --they kept believing it was way more than what we all knew --that's where teachers become special --in my case not only was my school very special--the teachers were very very unique and special.

                                                         Its been almost a decade and half since i had visited my school but every single time i pass by my heart jumps in excitement --i remember all the good times --life began there and it has been a wonderful journey despite everything --thanks to all the wonderful teachers who gave me an opportunity to know the colours of life in every form --truly indebted for life to  all the great ppl--nothing but respect for everything they gave me.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Do U Need A Day To Acknowledge Your Great Mother ?

Do u need a day to acknowledge your great mother ?
A Mother not only gives you life when you are born ---she promises to dedicate her life for urs for a whole life !!!

A Mother doesn't command anything from you for life but makes you know your unlimited talents by just being there -always irrespective of anything !

A Mother is a incomparable heavenly soul who gives nothing but overflowing unconditional love for life !

A Mother trusts you more than anyone else /believes you more than yourself /forgives you for your mistakes more than even God.!

A Mother will always be the first one to wipe your first tear /will always be there with your loved ones during your happy moments --never taking credits for your happiness but takes all the blame when you fail in something !!

Do u need a day to celebrate such a noble soul ??I remember the day before my marriage i was asked to seek her blessings on the most important day of my life ---i was happily smiling till that moment thinking abt the impending happy day --but the moment i went near her picture my heart became so heavy --tears came out immediately knowing that she isn't there for the most important day of my life to bless me for real--felt like the unluckiest person in the world !!

To all the lucky guys /girls who have their wonderful mother for real ---You are just too blessed to have her in life --there is noone like her --there will be noone ever like her after she is gone ---Remember she not only gave you life --she gave hers the moment you were born ---she keeps her promise for her child for life ---in my case she keeps her promise every single day /night even after was forced to leave the world far too early .
I love and miss you every single minute Mom --I don't really believe in Mother's Day --I believe in the love of every mother in the world --all because i had the greatest mom in the world --like each and every one of us always feel