Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Desire To Fight Is All That Counts ,,,,

            " To term life as unfair is often the first step to accept defeat in life 
              Being hopeful is wishful , to believe it requires a endless desire to fight "
        This is a real life  honest conversation i happened to be in midst of two friends recently -It gave me a different perspective of  life altogether once it was done  ( I'm revealing their talks and not their names as one of them would kill me if he reads this ,lol, --let the two be as Friend 1 and Friend 2-both of them in mid age crisis --through troubled waters   )
      Friend 1  -- I'm amazed how life has been taking twist after twist in last couple of years 

      Friend 2  -- Like --Explain that more ?

      Friend 1  -- I have lost what i have earned through a freak robbery , My wife has been diagnosed with a serious ailment  ,im  going through a horror run in my business,and all my worse fears  has happened for real so  meticulously as if someone is enacting it (sighs)

     Friend 2   -- Events differ but i don't think life is any different for others too in this world (Friend 2 is a profound person admittedly who speaks to the point and keeps it simple)

     Friend 1   --  Sometimes i search for a solace that is so non existent

     Friend 2   --  That is beauty of life isn't it -- disappointments are like stars in the sky ,countless they maybe but they can't hide the sky --like that the happiness you are due will eventually find you  -( has a wry smile )

     Friend 1   --  That is a killer line man ( smiles loudly patting the other )

     Friend 2   --  My wife used to say --"it isn't necessarily always about setting a boundary to our desires --desires push you to limits you could never see " 

     Friend 1   --  Same thing happened when my wife was diagnosed with a tough ailment --you know we have a 3 yr old daughter --she said after initial shock--Don't worry i want to see how she looks as 20 yr old so i will fight my  best to see it for real "

     Friend 2   --  The biggest impacts our parents have on us is known during such times --there is no kid who won't refer them during such times -- somewhere you feel a relevance .

     Friend 1   --  Very true --i was not attached to my mom and dad as kids are ,,but i could relate to strength of character to them unknowingly --guess that's what their most important lesson to us we learn as we grow .

    Friend 2    --  Nothingness comes when  seemingly all our desires have been vanquished by fate --in reality desires are never vanquished --the best example is of you having a desire to wake up the next morning despite anything .

    Friend 1    --  (Says Nothing but acknowledges in silence and lets his frd summarise his thoughts )

    Friend 2    --  Life in whole takes you to places you never wished --precisely to know why you exist ,what gets you back is your desire to fight no matter what 

    Friend 1    --  Thanks Man ---Makes me feel lot better -- My wife said on our way back " Fighting is not one of the choices now --its my only choice and i will do bloody good of that for our kid "

    Friend 2    --   Nods approvingly pats and says --- My dad used to pep me up as kid saying a cheesy line  " Fears kill everything that desires build --Forget about the fears just soldier on"!!! 

                          (  And after a few fun quotes about news around globe they went ) 

                                              I happened to be a mutual friend to both of them ,and though i could not relate too much of their personal stuff since i had hardly known their families --i could not but get a positive vibe about life when they both left the hotel ---i was just thinking about how much life of commoners goes unnoticed in today's hectic world --you search for inspiration in books ,videos but overlook inspiring happenings in life just because it had come from people you knew ,,It felt refreshing that there is a positive side even in  desperate  times 

  " The desire to fight is all that counts " -- a message  that i treasured safely to use one day !!!