Thursday, August 30, 2018

Happy Wedding Anniversary To The most Wonderful Couple I Ever Knew In Life -My Parents !!!

             " Not everyone you meet you in life can be always  lovely ,always  wonderful , ever caring , mesmerisingly unforgettable  forever ---because no one will ever be like your " PARENTS".

Still remember everythin u taught me when u were with me  and after that too - MOM 
                                              I lost my wonderful angelic mother in 2002 in such a sudden shock that shook my entire life , i had the most wonderful 20 years of my life with her ,i remember as a eight year old how my mom celebrated my birthday as the biggest function in her life -- her love made me always as a 8 year old who refused to grow up believing the best time of my life will forever be stagnant ---but life has its own ways to wake u up and throw u to the wolves --to see whether you survive or just become a prey to the wolves in different forms of our lives waiting to pounce on us (I guess everyone who is in their mid life knows who and what these wolves are --they have so many different names and forms but their sole aim is to destroy us :p).

                                                There was this journey during her last few months that i realised i was not born to a great woman ---i felt i was a son to the most wonderful human being to have graced this world --even in her last few months she never cared about her --she kept asking the welfare of all of her close ppl --there was so many nights where i did not know what was coming and how much my wonderful mom was suffering ---i was just  that eight year old who thought one fine day all will be fine and i will be playing with her as always ---just that the " fine day" never arrived  -- some other day arrived ---one where i was forced to grow to know i was not a eight yr old anymore -- i was scared to live a day in a day without her but somewhere in everyone of those dark days i felt a ray of light --a hope in the most hopeless situation ---in every tough situation i could hear her words --i could see her grit in tough times as a example to fight anything life throws --In short she had prepared me to fight life with her and ,,,,,without her too .

Noone really cares about you like your DAD .
     "For everyone their first hero is their Dad - for me he will be the most important of all my heroes "

                                                      My dad was always my first hero as it is for all kids ---but one day in the summer of 2007 changed my perception of him forever - he became the hero i will forever remember in toughest time of my life ---i got a sudden call from my brother saying suddenly father had encurred a serious stroke  -- on the way to hospital our family doctor told us he should not fall unconsious as it would complicate the stroke ---we all three had not got married and we had no relatives support (our only support had been the people we met in our lives and stayed with us always ---our friends)--- on reaching the hospital he was placed in ICU and doctors had told it was critical that for the  next 48 hours  he should not fall unconsious as the stroke had happened in critical spot in brain ---me and my brother stood by him as he was tryin to speak sumthing --his speech was slurred of the sudden stroke --yet he tried to say something - me and my brother went to hear what he was saying --he just said very hardly yet very sternly ---" Dont Worry --i wont leave until i had fulfilled your mother's wishes and my duties "--We left reluctantly and came next morning --and the doctor just said --"Your dad saved himself by his own will power --he did not sleep even one minute --hes no ordinary man --and patted us on the back sayin --Don't worry"
                                                      Your parents are the biggest gifts god gave you in life ---cherish them till they are with you --this journey called life from the beginning is never easy ---but nobody gives you more reasons to enjoy life than them --the memories they give you are countless and ever efferevscent --their words guide you in the most toughest moments --after all the journey might be urs but the path will always be what they showed you --to my parents who showed how to love ,how to respect ,how to live your heart in everything you do ---to two wonderful people who i will forever be indebted in life --- Happy Wedding Anniversary ---Thanks for the wonderful things you teach in life by being with me dad  and mom ,,,in your case ---thanks for still being with me even though u r not with me ---ur words will always be the light of my life ---I hope to you see you someday in the other side  maybe as a eight year old again :) ----until then keep watchin all of us getting old and your man---gettin even older and lovelier than ever !!!!