Saturday, October 26, 2013

"DISCONNECT " --A Compelling Must Watch Movie In Case U Missed It !!!!!

Disconnect Movie Poster 
                                                      Whilst reviewing is not my cup of tea --I'm a avid movie watcher ---this particular movie which i picked by accident turned out to be a terrific movie which depicts about   realistic horrors we could face in our  day to day life .The movie does have a good star cast and what it has going for it is a wonderfully intricate screenplay that shows the troubles that people face in today's modern world .

Some of the remarkable real aspects that the film touches are  silently shocking and sends a strong message to the viewers,just wanna give a briefing on what all the movie touches 

 *  It shows how a silly prank by college students on a fellow mate ends up in almost taking his life (A duplicate id in the name of girl seems very realistic of today--the consequences of prank going horrifically wrong  is explained to the point )

* Life of a  depressed couple after losing their child is shown realistically  ,showing how loneliness pushes the mother into finding ways to let  her depression out through chats to a  stranger through computer eventually ending up  into wrong hands thereby losing her whole savings to a hacker --this part seemed very relevant and important fact --that never allow a stranger to get into your personal details --as said  in the movie a link sent by that stranger clicked by you is enough for someone to hack your personal details without your knowledge  .

* Issues such as acting against morality , troubled love,depression issues ,hackers --the movie has everything you need to be aware of in life -- the dark side of life that creeps in because of situations , This movie doesn't have a ending u guess,,and this movie deserved to have been marketed lot better ,,movies like this may not be accepted by fun loving audience but this is a  "perfect depiction of life gone wrong can be better " --and definitely not something you will regret watching --go for it if you could find a copy somewhere ,Given a choice to give a mark out of 10 i would have given 10--an excellent movie !!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Money - A Deadly Relationship Breaker Between Known People !!!

                               " Money -- appears the most meaningless yet ends up being  the most dangerous weapon that can break relationships easily "

                                                 When i was growing up i used to see my mother picking up 5 paise , 10 paise(talkin about late 80's when there were common use of coins lot more than today) coins left around the house  ,she  used to pick them carefully and put them in one jar-- i playfully asked her "Mom why are you showing so much care for such less value money "--She replied in her inimitable style "Respect money you have earned and more importantly remember to respect other's money -it doesn't come easily for anyone in this world "

                                That was then ---Something that happened now proved how apt she was then -- A family friend son who is couple of years younger than me ---known him for the better part of last 17 years --was someone who was there in all family functions ,,someone who just became a nice unavoidable person in my life -- all was fine until he requested for credit transaction for business i was into- depending on someone else ---the amount was quite a big amount by any standards --and as it is case when money becomes a factor -it snowballs into "The Factor" ,,something that could break  trust  what u built for years and years --the person he believed  had ended up being a dishonest person and this  friend of mine felt himself  like a deer caught before headlights unaware of this impending danger ,,What followed was the familiar story that  money plays ---my friend switched off his mobile fearing answering the truth ---got himself out of  touch with  people we both  knew --moved out from the  place he resided to a new unknown  place --and what felt utterly disappointing was 17 years of trust and knowing each other went to the cleaners because of improper settlement of money without even a frank explanation of happenings  ,just like that the  trust i had on him  went out of the  window forever never to return --i felt gutted to pieces!!
   " Is money bigger than our friendship ,,Does money matter between us ,Money is not a issue "
                                        --All these are cheesy line that hide the real facts of practical life --Money matters between two earning people ---There is nothing like easy money in this world --Every penny is a struggle and for some its a monumental struggle --disrespecting money you earned is like disrespecting everything that you stand for ---the struggles ,,the fights ,,the dedication ,the sincerity ,,the sacrifices you had  made to earn that money  !!

     Money won't be "that factor "if we could follow certain points like 

    * Making a point to return borrowed money  from a friend on time promised as they might have plans with it 
    * Every one has a friend who keeps spending for us on movie tickets ,hotel bills and we might b ignorant  just because he/she has made a habit ---try to break that habit by taking turns on alternative times to settle the amounts .
    * There  might be roommates where one roommate might be one spending lot caring less about the amount just to make the other one feel comfortable --remember it might seem happy but unfair is what it is in reality  .
    * Often between brothers and sisters money is not a factor  till they get married --once into married life it becomes a important factor ---so have to respect that fact beyond sentiment values --because it is often the deciding factor between life long hatred and life long relationships .
       ,,,,,,and list might go on,, these are few instances that come to mind as i write ,,,

"Respect hard earned money --the difference between a long lasting relationshp and broken one might be even b a single penny --After all every single penny has a story of its own --a story of countless struggles and endless sacrifices --respect them and life will present u with everlasting relationships "

Cheers !!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rahul" Awesome" Dravid and Sachin "Amazing" Tendulkar -- Comparing Them Is Like Insulting Them --Incomparable Legends Both -Period!!

                      "   There never might be another Tendulkar or a Rahul Dravid "

            "Forget the comparisons between the two  for these are two  unforgettable champions  "                     
                                                     "  I have actually followed almost entire tendulkar career- i quipped to my sister yesterday  evening" --24 whopping years of my life i have loved this guy to pieces --the first time i saw him in televison  was hitting the great Abdul Qadir for 4 sixes in a exhibition match as a kid --There he was my first sports hero --and he has remained ever still despite glitches here and there --i remember how i was so glued to that name in newspapers like millions who grew up watching the boy wonder becoming the best batsman in the world--- for a period of time there were no one who could be compared with the great man,, --The one man who stood up again and again for India in 90's --the one man who commanded immense respect from every player on the planet-The man who was destined to broke records and did so by never losing focus on the sport he loved no ends ,to outline the memorable innings requires a book --he has played so many ,across the globe and drew adulation like no other sportsman ever did ,With God given talent and clean ,simple humble life off the cricket field he has achieved all that is possible in his field--true testimony to his passion and longeivity ,has inspired a generation of cricketers by being the ultimate role model .
                                                 Sportstar once put up the heading "King of kings",after his Sharjah heroics against Australia ,--  he truly was ,--in sheer dignity ,,sheer hardwork ,,sheer grit ,sheer determination --there was never someone who came close to the great man ever since he debuted --until the entry of a "humble gentleman " who came pretty close --one
" Rahul Sharad Dravid "
                                               My brother was a die hard supporter of him when he started up --and i did not like him initially for no particular reason other than he was becoming the challenger to my incomparable hero "Sachin"--when he came out in his initial years i used to laugh "Here comes the "Slow coach "--when he was dropped from teams i felt like yes thats more like it --but as India entered in the new millenium --Sachin was becoming less the incredible force he was and this man who never talked rubbish even for fun in newspapers ,,who never sledged anyone with foul language in a cricket field ,,,never cried foul --started to rack up performance after performance in alien conditions --Every time India would be none for 1 and this man would be walking with same purpose same grit and great determination to bail India out of trouble only to see someone take his name by cashing in on his hardwork --yet he never complained ---Double Hundred at Adelaide ,,Twin hundreds in each innings in New Zealand,,Terrific half centuries in brute of pitch at West Indies --Marvellous displays in South Africa --Improved performance in ODI and for a time he was even better than Tendulkar performance wise --I had started respecting him for his impeccable conduct on and off the field ---  Remember once  when Donald was letting out barrage of words at him --he just hit him over long on for six --the man just spoke through his bat --and that too impeccably .
                                                  In the glorious twilight of his career in his final trip to England ---He batted for 6 hours and came out immediately as makeshift opener when asked to follow on ---did that selflessly --as he had done before when asked to be a makeshift wicketkeeper --the man was not just impeccable was just as selfless cricketer there ever lived --more and more it was like watching two of all time greats is a incomparable joy than wasting time in analysing who was better than the other .

                                                    Yesterday as i was watching the two great sporting legends India has produced play their final match in coloured clothing --it felt like  "Wow What a priveleage watching two humble human beings universally respected for such a long time "-Why should one be better than other why not leave them just as they are --They played cricket for the right reasons for their whole careers--one just ended his magnificent career the other is almost done on the most glittering careers ever known --Yes I will always have a special place for Sachin but Rahul Dravid occupies a special place in my heart -for that unflappable dignity --unheralded achievements and that terrific grit all through his career --"Forget the comparisons for these are unforgettable champions in history of cricket" --Let them be remembered only as such .

Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Midst Of Nowhere --- A True Confession Of A Unfortunate Married Girl !!!!

This is a self  written confession of a known girl who has described about her stuttering  life in her own words----In many ways her life reflects current difficult situations a girl encounters in the society i live ,,,,,,

                                  Born in a rich affluent orthodox family -- I was pampered from my beginning ---born with three siblings --and surrounded by caring relatives ,i could not believe happiness waited for me with open hands the moment i was born --to a wonderful mother and even more caring father --They used to say "Life is like a dream when you have everything you could only have wished "---they demanded nothing from me --other than just being a good person at heart .

                                   I studied in the best school available -- topped the classranks year after year --was always the goto student for teachers and had few good friends ---lively and lovely is what you can describe my school days --i was never forced to study for a doctor  ,engineer or commerce --i was given luxury to choose whatever i wanted with clear mind --i chose to become a auditor --though it was tough i chose it because i wanted to become one --All the while i was growing up and things started to change up around --i lost my father suddenly --still i was not forced ---a ailing mother asked me just one favour --to marry someone she finds good enough for me ---i never fell in love so i had nothing against her decision ---I finished my Foundation and Inter courses when they found someone for me

                                 At that time i was 24 --i nodded and wedding date was fixed and during engagement the only condition from my family was for the groom to work in India ---which they accepted --and i had the most lavish wedding possible --with more than 4000 guests and the best way to start my next phase in life --with someone who was almost my age --i had dreams like every new bride and going away from my home made me very uncomfortable but it is same for every girl born in this land ,,so i left to my in law's house who were equally from affluent background .

                                 From Day 1 it was clear people  did not like me there  and i felt like unwanted member  many a time --though my father in law was a decent person but unable to take control of situations was his only big mistake --after marriage i learnt my husband  was too reliant on his parents for every decision in his life that included me now  ,he left me in India and went abroad for work, all along his reliance on his parents even for  personal matters increased  ,it became more and more clear that it was impossible for me to change that approach --and all the while years started rolling amidst daily tensions --and then it came down to me not having a baby --though medically clear of all issues except extreme stress being problem --i was bombarded with question after question --asked to get things i needed from my family like laptop ,phone,dresses  etc .There were times when i felt like running to my mother saying about everything --but i was brought up too well to do that to hurt people in my family .

                              All the while i had not completed my course --i was into my 9 th year of marriage ,,and i eventually was forced out due to silly misunderstandings where i had no support from my husband who listened to his mom who had become so possesive of her son after i married him ---i returned to my family where i was not welcomed either --all my brothers and sisters had married and settled down --and i was seen as a odd one out --uneasiness had crept in for them to accomodate me in the family because they  felt thet were answerable to society for my uncalled long staying ---i could not complete my education suddenly because it required another few years --i just have a commerce degree and now im in my 30's --i have decided to pursue my career and life --with my family reluctant to take me back --- and my in laws refusing to take me in for silly issues..Im just left nowhere in the long road called --life ---I just don't know where was the mistake -- my apoligies mean nothing --im being chased and all i have can do is just run sumwhere till my heart takes me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, !!!

                                                 ( I  have  just edited the letter from my friend -Im a single guy who has no idea of the travails of a married person but the thing that irked me most was there were no villains in her letter except situations and happenings - and this is not the first person i have encountered in my life stuttering helplessly despite being brought up well and given proper educational platform to shine --she seemed lost --- she seems determined to make her way up ---someday she might find the way she was destined to travel until then her plight might be midst of nowhere-- My personal wish is this thought  changes in due course of time  --where a woman is given due respect for life after marriage as she is given before marriage ,where a husband gives more priority to a girl who has left her life from birth trusting she wont be felt a leftout ,where elders could leave some of their ego therby creating a happy environment to a newcomer in family " After all they are our fellow human beings ,that isnt a crime is it ?--Not helping someone whom you could help is the worst feeling that could be avoided )