Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Every Man A Potential Rapist ???--A Big Hell "NO"!!

                                                     "Every Man is a potential Rapist "--- Seemingly that is what a celebrity had written few days back and there are few other people who come up with slightly bizarre "My Choices"videos  to voice their so called opinions -- It felt as if  those people had thought just being a celebrity is a qualification enough to abuse and bash men fraternity as a whole ---that's what pains the most ---You judge every man out there  based on few  unfortunate barbaric incidents by some inhuman beasts ---but what about the "Millions who hardly get noticed from birth to death "--yet live with utmost dignity and honesty to the girl they love ---burying all their dreams yet spending their whole lives for people he loves --especially "Women "

                                                     Make no mistake --I'm a proud student to some wonderful female teachers --I'm forever a proud son to the greatest human being i ever knew in life --My Mom --I'm a brother to few wonderful sisters --I'm a husband to a lovely  wonderful simple girl ---I'm a true friend to my best friend in girls till life ---I respect women to the core --This "I" can be any man you know in your life --Its not me --Its my whole fraternity who are being bashed in the name of freedom of speech --while the truth is just the opposite--it just hurts and pains to be labelled wrongly for the mistake of some inhuman animals --who can't be termed even human beings forget abt them being called as "men".

                                                 "  Men " ---We are not  potential rapist --There is no one who understands love like us --We hardly show our hearts to our loved one's --Our tears are often in the rest rooms --not with people we love because we can't stand them cry ---we have a heart as soft as anything in the world --Our travails start from the moment we enter our teens ---Responsibilites eat our dreams ---Society kills our passion ---Financial demands buries our identities-We start to run away from our dreams ---we keep doing it for a whole life --yet all we get is a name we don't deserve ---we don't request anyone to applaud us for everything we do --but to abuse us for something that millions of us never even intend to do is really appauling.

                                                    Let's put it in a simple way ---10 men out of a million may turn as a animals beyond control ---i do accept the harmful crime he does to a defenseless woman ---its unpardonable --i still feel the pain of Nirbhaya every single day --but what about the remaining almost every man out there --why should he bear the pain of  representing those beasts ??We do not support those inhuman---nor we believe they belong to our race --but the shame is being bestowed to all of us  unformly which is grossly unfair .

                                                    To every celebrity who believes men are potential  "everything bad"-Do you know - There is a part in every man which dies slowly for the good for everyone around ---there is a part of man that wishes he could live the life he wishes for atleast the day --there is a part of every man that wants to live his passion every single day but can't --there is a part of every man who wants to loved a bit more --there is a part of every man who wants atleast one soul to know the endless pains he suffers day in day out in the name of responsibility and society --A boy starts to lose his identity from his childhood days -As a son / student/ father /brother /grandpa --what he ends up is a reflection of what everyone else wants ---"Potential Rapist "---Hell" No "-- To that celebrity --You have no idea of how tough and wonderful it is to be a man --many of us are born to lose ---but we fight till our last to change that --maybe you can call us "Potential Fighters Against Fate" .