Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friends -- They have just one rule --- "Give everything expect nothing other than a smile "

                "A true friend understands you better than anyone for life - period "


      Dedicated to Sandeep Sheoron on his bday today -- one of my best friends  ---Best friends for almost a decade now yet not seen even once --Frdship needs just trust and belief --- Happy Bday to a wonderful person who made me realise my childhood dream -A blogsite to write my heart out ,a platform to  express my endless love for words --someone who i always identify with the word "Trust".

                      Life is a journey where your choices is limited to lot of factors ---you don't decide your family --you don't decide your school ,many of us don't have choices to choose for our education ,work ,etc . But two things in life are entirely your choices --Your life partner and Your "Friends "--they both are exclusively your choice, 

                      You choose friends but not all of them stick for life ---from the moment you enter school --the world opens you up to make your choices with the guidance of your parents . The beautiful thing about friendship is you give nothing but get back endless happiness ,,all it requires is truth and honesty at any cost --then you are guaranteed time for a lifetime ---easier said than done --thats the hard part --i turn back on my life and i could very clearly remem many of my frds from my school time ,,college time ---but almost half of them came and went --somewhere you realise you can't have everyone you wish in life as frds .

               I remember a wonderful friend of mine who is no more in this world say once 
 "  Nobody can love like a mom --Nobody can be supportive like a dad ,,nobody can be 
     stand by you like your siblings --Nobody can believe in you like your better half --Noone 
     makes you realise all these than a friend --they are the light who shine bright on all these 
     they make you understand the value of life --because they understand you "
                       They don't need to know how good you are in studies ,,how good you are financially ,,they don't need to know where you live ,,they don't care about your lifestyles --all they care is how good a person you are - and all they do all these expecting nothing but  for your true smile ,how can you repay them --maybe by realising the true value of them --for which we don't have time to be appreciative enough --because of our busy day to day life --think that is the biggest mistake we make we never appreciate the little little precious things and ppl which make our lives happy --none more than our appreciation of frds which most of us do very rarely .

  About the hero of this blog and one of wonderful warriors i admire in life Sandeep Sheoron ;

                                         Almost 10 years of knowing each other ---yet we have not seen each other even once - guess it is some sort of record for best of frds never meeting lol :p----But he will always be the wonderful person who helped me in realising my childhood dream --The thing i  loved most as a kid other than my family was my love for words -- I always thought it would go forgotten because of my lifestyle and responsibilities ,,but for a friend presenting me a platform to express myself --A genuine ,incomparable ,humble friend --who for 10 years has not changed one bit ---Someone who has been punished for being too loving all his life --Someone who was abused for marrying the girl he loved --someone who cries on others suffering ---A special someone who doesn't have much for himself yet gives his all to people he loves ---Sandeep Sheoron will always be best unseen spectacle in my life for a long time ---for i never heard someone being so simple ,so frank,so helpful,so loving .,so hard working yet has   never been  appreciated by people he loved --yet he carries himself with a smile --with a steely belief to stand by what his heart feels no matter how much time he's hurt .Life teaches you hard lessons not all are prepared to learn them ---this guy will always remain a exception and an timeless inspiration to ppl who know him .
                                       For every "me" in this world --you need a "Sandeep Sheoron "type of friend ---Someone who realises his role even though never appreciated is all the more important  for people he loves --To be a frd you need not be special ,,you need not not be famous ,,you need not be rich to be a true friend ---all you need is a heart to trust for life .Friends  after all give you everything and expect nothing other than a smile .

  "Exclusively friends are your choices --- Some stick some don't --those who don't make you 
    realise the importance of those stick by for life -- Cherish them --they are truly priceless"


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Every Woman Has One Thing In Common ---"A Beautiful Heart"-- Happy Women's Day !!!

"  Imagine a life without the mothers,sisters ,daughters ,better halves ,grandmas  ,best friends in girls,  female teachers -   you just wonder ---"What is life ?''-they just dont make our lives beautiful --they make  us understand the value of life --WOMEN symbolise the purpose of life "

                                       ( Dedicated to all the wonderful woman in my life )

A look at the roles of woman in our lives  reiterating there endless sacrifices 

 As a Mother ,
                                      Every new born's first memory would be the warmth of that beautiful lady called "Mother "---and what a beautiful lady she is to every son/daughter in the world --she opens your eyes into the world of love --she teaches you the beautiful things you need to know in life and lets you the things you should stay away for life -- Every little step to your next stage of life happens in the watchful eyes of a mother ---you understand there are things that are right and there are things that are wrong in this world through her eyes and words ---that is where life begins ---that is where you begin to understand your destiny --that is where you begin to learn how wonderful a mother is . 

 As a sister , 
                                  The wonderful thing of having a sister is that you feel you always have someone to share ,to play ,to smile ---to watch the little girl who played with you all through your childhood grow in front of your eyes is a marvellous experience --then one day she will leave you all over to move into a new world yet the love you shared as a kid is the one lovely bond that holds you both together for life --A sister is a mixture of your wonderful moments and tearful moments because she stays with you no matter of what --- a bond that starts as twinkling playful kids never ends for a life ---ever wondered why --ask any sister her reply would be ---Why do i need a reason to love my brother --always ---As a brother i know the real meaning of those lines .

As a frd ,a well wisher ,
                                   Probably the hardest thing for a girl to stand by a guy for a long time without relationship because although the purity of frdship may stand the test of time ---its impossible to be same after marriage ---and i consider myself very lucky because my best friend in girls ,married ,still finds time to ask about my well being --its harder for a girl to do that after marriage --but even then she tries to stick to her responsibility as a true friend ,well wisher ,,its wonderfully unique because it requires a lovely tender heart to stick by without any bond for lifetime ---only a girl can do that -being true to her role till her last 

Better Halves /Wife /Girlfrd;
                                 It took me 33 years to find me the girl i was destined ,a long wait yet it was worth the wait in gold--i had a wonderful family --i had wonderful frds --i had the luck of doing what i love as my profession ---but all through the one thing that felt not right was the word "I"---when it became "WE" --it felt different but right ---probably every guy would admit that he feels complete the moment a girl decides to marry him ---that beautiful moment was when i realised how big a thing it is for a girl to say that --- to leave the family she grew up --to leave the surroundings she was so familiar --to leave the place she is most comfortable with --to leave her childhood friends --to leave everything she grew up with ----to a new world ---is a big thing --all she has is "trust "and "belief"--imagine yourself being in a frd place for a day or two --u will feel uneasy more than a day -- but for a girl to do that ready to change her life for you ---is simply monumental---something you understand the more she stays with you---she makes you feel like a complete person.

  But what we give them ,,,,,,,
                                            These wonderful human beings are not respected enough in our society --you can see increased amount of old age homes ---you can see parents hesistant knowing it is a girl baby --you can see them fearing to walk around alone even in broad daylight --for the fear of being hurt for being a woman ---the increased amount of rapes and abuses all around India are making them as prey to swooping vultures ---they are the very reason for our existence --they create lives in this world ---they alone ---without them there is no world ---as a youngster i grew up admiring my mom ,,respecting my teachers---loving my sister--there is not one person in this world who could say they don't know the value of a woman ---yet they are being tortured without remorse ,,thrown acid in anger ,,killed in rage after raping her ---Women who are like our sisters /mother/daughters are being tortured  more and more by seemingly remorseless devils --i had this horrendous feeling when i read about the perspective of a accused bus driver in Nirbhaya Case --speaking absolute bull shit ---yet all we could is watch , This wonderful angels deserve every bit of respect we could give because they are ready to sacrifice everything for your good yet all they get is nothing but endless trouble .

                                          Personally I am what i am because of all the wonderful women in my life ---right from my wonderful mom ---my teachers ,,my sisters ,,my best frds in girls,,and my wonderful better half --they are the real reasons for whatever im today --they are reasons for your happiness --the least you can do is respect them --celebrate them --every one of them have one thing in common ---"A beautiful heart "