Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spending time with family is always priceless happiness :)!!!

Dedicated to the millions who love family to core but hardly find enough time to enjoy the beauty to be with them just those extra few minutes due to 

" We go in quest of our dreams --that we are not eventually lost is because of two people who
   kept  watching us from the moment we were born --Our Parents !!!"
                                                                  This other day while i was with  a conversation with a friend who studied in best colleges in India ---said this " One day when im gone --what do all these paper presentations mean ---Nothing --The more this thought comes i just want to spend more time with my family --most with my parents --because i know they are not goin to stay with me for life "

                                                                   I knew the sheer  weight of pain in  those words ---i have had the priveleage of living the first 20 years with the most amazing woman in world as mother and equally never stopped admiring the grit and hard work of my father --and i have had also the tough luck of grinding through day after day without my mother ever since she passed away in 2002 --- life runs so fast sometimes --i could still remember my young days so vividly --yet some incidents have gone past 25 years !!!

                                                                    I have moved from place to place ---i have had some heartbreaking failures ---had so many shattered hopes ---moved on from school friends to college friends to business friends ---all along there was just one constant ---my family --they have followed me like a shawdow --only thing --i had a beautiful mother waving bye every single day in my school life --now i wave her bye every day in picture --for me it is same --for i had an absolutely amazing person as mother --and a dad who dropped me up and down till i finished college is now happily at peace enjoying life with grandkids--i know i wont have this for eternity -nobody has ---but how many realise its important to sit with them once a while --smile with them --share with them happiness ---hold their hands when they get old ---we run ,,run and run seemingly endlessly --if only we realised they can't run with us everywhere we would spend more time with them .
                                                                   Today when i see a young 5 yr old calling his/her mother to come with them to places they go--- while in reality it is the parents who go after them to make sure they are not lost--and each and every mom and dad in this world do that for a whole life ---their whole life we become the dreams --their reality --their reason to live --atleast that is what i have seen most of my life -now i know i can stand on my on --because of them --but they need us when we know we can stand on our own --not every single minute but atleast a few more minutes that what we can afford .
                                                                     Probably the biggest block comes when we choose our life partner --in most cases where love is reason for marriage--it becomes the same reason that pushes away parents from their kids ---but the matter of fact beyond all those things the love of a son/daughter towards his /her parents never dwindles just because there is someone else in their life --the thing is we guys want to share a bit of love to that person who loves us unconditionally --but often the case is misunderstood as a permanent barrier to relationship between kids and parents ---often it is time the winner --because when we realise the mistake not only would we have lost precious time we would lost them too ---Its a fine line where maybe the younger ones have to hold on to the older ones--but in our emotionally driven society often the case is "either in" or "forever done"(Fortunately or unfortunately i never fell in love to judge upon the outcome ).Somewhere there has to be a balance and often find a uneven terrible imbalance shifted to the faulty ones always being the ones who fall in love whilst it could always be nice if it was seen as a sharing of love kids have for their parents --somewhat like baton of love being passed from parents to their kids for their next generation --but i know all these are fairy tale fantasies that may never happen in our society :P
                                                                " Any day could be your last as much as any day could be your best ---its left for you to decide how do u take your life"
                                                                  ---  but the probabilities of having best days often hinges upon our family ---our parents ---and then later on in your life with your better half and your kids --try spending more time with them --enjoy the warmth of life with people who stand by you always ---after all life is about the smiles ,the fights ,,the mistakes we regret ,,the thoughts ,the lessons we learn from them ,,the silly fun we enjoyed with our parents that will keep us goin till the end of life ---what we learnt from them will be the path to our future with our family ---so as much as possible spend those few moments with them --money ,fame nothing comes close to being with them --never has and never will ,,,

   I remember reading sumwhere --
     As you grow ---there are two things you will know ---one life ahead is yours 
                                            but always LIFE IS BECAUSE OF THEM "
                                                      spend those extra  few minutes with them --in the end it might be the most priceless minutes you spent in life " 
Cheers !!!