Thursday, December 7, 2017

True Love Needs Our Ego and Anger To Be Little Porous :)!!!!

  Dedicated to the  few beautiful souls i miss being together in life but there is still time :)!!!!!

     " Every soul is beautiful in its own way --- just that not every one close knows it true beauty "

                     (Been a long while since i blogged so kindly adjust the flaws:P)
                                                      If somebody tells you that life isn't interesting --just ask them to sit down and write down the number of people they could remember meeting in their whole life --because frankly noone could write down the entire list of people they meet in life ---We meet lot of people --many remain as strangers we don't remember ,,some remain as known people we meet in life but don't become close enough --few only select few become people who will love from our heart because our hearts choose them not our minds '
 An Incident with a ever positive person who always remains my inspiration !!!
                                                      Many summers ago (Should be atleast a decade ago ,makes me feel so old :P)one lovely day happened to be in a conversation with  this my "ever inspiring friend" who at that moment of life had virtually no one in life to fall back .I never had her maturity and she was younger to me but matured than me in life --learnt a lot from her as a person ,Our conversation was like the following (even though i dont remember my nonsense i remember her words always :p)

Me --  Seriously don't you feel weird ,,this point of life i don't see you with anyone other than your books and pen (She was a wonderful writer )
Frd -- You maybe right but what u see now is what it is but what it was not before  --i had people ,i had friends -i truly have loved few people from hearts --just that right now  we  are busy ignoring  each other  childishly now  :)
Me - Really ?? Are all ignoring u or is it u ignoring few ?
Frd -- Hmm you know this heart is a funny thing --it can't love everyone my eyes sees --but the people it loves not even my eyes can deny seeing when it wants !!!
Me -- ????
Frd --  Someday you will know Shanmu ---Nothing in life is beautiful as the people our heart truly loves --its a pity that we have our anger ,ego put a mask to that feeling temporarily but that mask is always a temporary one --nothing can put a mask to our true love on people close to us ,Love will prevail eventually .
Me ---- Gud (I just recorded the conv in my heart maybe to revisit someday --i did today because i have had my fair share of ups and downs with people in last few years ).
                                                     Yesterday while going through my previous google chats and mails accidentally i became interested to see how many close people i still have that i have had few years ago --and it was apparent that time has withered one by one for various reasons away from me ,fair enough there are rights and wrongs everywhere doesnt matter --but i just got this conversation in mind that made me realise the true fact 

                                  " True love  needs our  ego and anger to be little porous"
                                                      In this wonderful journey called life we never know what's next but what we do know is the people we love will always be people we love -nothing would change that -no amount of false hatred ,no amount of needless ego propping up ,no amount of money difference could kill our care and affection for people we truly love in life .If you stutter in knowing to choose between your mind and soul then just remember following 

                               "This 350 gms within us called as heart is what determines our life as whole 
                                 Often it is a war between what our mind wants and our heart wishes 
                                  whilst mind makes a million permutations to determine what is right and wrong
                                  our heart needs one factor ---"LOVE"

Maybe someday we will wake up knowing that life is not about our anger and ego --our happiness is about not being impatient with people we love but to be more patient with them .After all we are all flawed yet each one of us is unique and beautiful in their own way .

With hope maybe i might reconcile with few of beautiful souls someday soon  and wishing you all the  same  :):)!!!!