Sunday, February 14, 2016

True Love Is A Promise For Lifetime !!!

                                               "   Love is not just a feeling ---it is a promise for a lifetime --to share happiness and sadness alike ,to hold each other during tough times --a promise to love even when you hate her /him,,a promise to hold each other to the final journey  into the sunset "

                                                  As a kid the only love stories i knew were from all great south indian movies ,,and i used to wonder whether it is possible to fall in love in real life like that --but one thing felt right ,there is something uniquely special abt that four letter word "love". As they say some words when uttered give you happiness that demands no reason .

                                                  As one among a million commoners ---i often related the journey of a  guy searching for that feeling just to know why so many say it is the  most  beautiful feeling in the world ---i happened to be close with a wonderful ,wonderful friend who is no more now showing me the utmost beauty in that  word "Love".

                                                  The first time i came across this word in real life was the time i was out of my teens ,i kept on searching for those filmy situations in my real life --but soon realised maybe i was the chosen one not to know that wonderful feeling as a teen ,(highly expected though :P),then happened to meet this marvellous friend of mine who was a magnificent human being ,a tremendous writer who had fallen in love with someone tell me what it is like to fall in love .I questioned her purely out of curiosity 

           Me   ---  How do you people fall in love? I mean how do u know that you are in love
           Frd  ---  It happened in a flash --a flash that showed me--- a beautiful me 
           Me   ---  Can't be Serious , how can you say it is love--was he so physically good 
           Frd  --- ( Smiles )Its not about looks when you know you are in love its sumthing more 
           than that  let me put it in a simple line so that you can understand 

                                   " If  my life is like a bird then love are my  wings "

                                             First time in my life i had experienced the meaning of that wonderful word from a close friend , the friend showed me that love is not just a feeling --its a honest appraisal of your true self ---she lived a life true to her love before destiny took her suddenly--but her impact in my life remains.
                                               Many years have passed by ---my journey from  a boy who  kept searching for love to find me ---grew up to be a guy who realised it is the other way around in life ---Love doesn't find you ---You find love before it is too late ---i got married to the person who made sure all the years of wait were worth its weight in gold --I remember a few golden lines from that unforgettable friend 

                                             " Never deny love your heart yearns ---love is a not just a feeling --its the best gift you can give yourself --the unbridled happiness it gives you is priceless --everyone of us are flawed yet uniquely brilliant --we are all born like a jigsaw puzzle --a puzzle that is solved the moment we fall in love with a equally unique and wonderful person ---be ready to embrace that moment --because at that moment your life will be embodiment of endless happiness"


                                                 "Love makes life mesmerizingly  beautiful "