Thursday, March 15, 2018


             "Life is a beautiful teacher--time its best companion -a true friend is the best lesson 
               we learn by both 

(Dedicated to one of my best friends ,one of the  most wonderful souls i have ever known in life--Happy Bday Sandeep Sheoron !!)

                                                         When you are born --you are born with nothing --then begins this process of our journey to find the meaning of life --the intricacies hidden in that journey is nothing short of the word "amazing "---its like multi layers hidden under one single block ---there are times when you feel like you have solved the whole riddle but then comes another ---similarly life gives you opportunity to meet people ,as they say 

          "  Every one u meet in life give you a opportunity to know about the purpose of your life "

                                                          I did not have many friends for my whole school life because my life was in a beautiful heaven with a angel who happened to be my mother with a short ,short life but who showed me beauty of life through her wonderful smile --the best lesson she taught was it was to find the best people to spend life -pity i realised her words only after she left me --but her words still ring in my ears that

               "  Finding a true friend is the best tribute you can make to ur parents upbringing of u "

    The Brute Truth of finding a true friend -or being a true friend ;
                                                        Finding /being a true friend is the second most difficult riddle in your life -- its like making  a puzzle of a simple question --Finding a friend who is compatible to your mindset is difficult in the first part but then comes the "juxtapose" part where we all mess up -being close with someone makes us feel that we understand them well --well i learnt a harsh lesson in last few years that being close exactly doesn't mean you understand and standby the person ---the art of being a true friend or finding a true friend lies in finding someone who truly understands you  r as u r and without expectations of what u might be of their liking ---that sort of ppl make your life truly memorable --the remaining people you meet in life make you understand the value of finding /being a true friend ---(something even im still trying to understand well into the 30's :p).

To someone who is a epitome of the word true friend - Sandeep Sheoron
                                                           A journey that started many years ago --from being boys to guys to now responsible family men :P--one thing that has never changed is the true love ---love for being a true friend no matter what --time tarnishes everything ---it fades out the fake glitter that new frdship offers --it washes out the false hopes we might dream of our best buddies ---but after all that glitter and fun part --comes the realisation of finding that true best friend --one who comes out of longeivity-with no expectations --and with just a heart that understands the wrong things you do in the right sense and the right things you do in the happiest way possible ---to the soul i found by pure accident in orkut ---to a soul who never changed despite every travail life put through ---to a boy who still cries when his heart is broken rather than acting like a man who should never cry ---to a wonderful friend through whom i achieved my biggest passion and dream --A Very,Very  Happy Bday -- I'm just endlessly happy that life found u for me as a true frd :)
    Sumtimes in life there are moments when you are thoughts are  among  countless                                  unfulfilled dreams,disappointments of failure ,anguish in belief in God , untold 
    anger on fate--it is precisely at that moment  you will find someone with open arms with                      no expectations yet knowing your  pain without you uttering a word --those sort of people                    are very very few in life yet so  priceless -You are certainly one in my life bro-- To one of                     the most wonderful human beings i  met in ma life --to my brother  with a heart of gold , to                   a guy who will always be the one  person who fulfilled my passion i have no words but                         only a heart full of gratitude which wishes endless happiness to u brother ---  "Happy Bday                 Dipu"- Love you loads and may god bless with everythin you wish in life.