Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"My Awesome Pongal In Kuala Lumpur --(Only a tamilian can understand the sarcasm in this blog :P)"

          It's evening here in Kuala Lumpur and i had for the 300 th time today make myself remember it is" Pongal" festival --- living in a appartment surrounded by almost endless sky scraping appartments around --only today did i really find how horrible it is to live days away from home during festival times,and today i realised how really great was it to be born in a land that gives value to heritage ,culture in every sense possible , every country has it own --but from an indian perspective from being brought up in a typical tamilian cultured family i could see what it means to people like me living abroad during festival times for one reason or other  ,away from family  would have felt the "oddity" i felt on this auspicious day today ,there were times when i used to think my friends and brothers living abroad would have a great time being away ,,only when i had to live a prolonged period outside my place i could relate how they would also have to go through such days .
         Make no mistake this is no sober,heart wrenching story and all ,,lol,,this is just a pure description of me enjoying one of important auspicious days  trying to remember in every possible way it is the same day that 20 years back i used to wear new dresses ,see my mom in beautiful saree ,see my sis ,bro moving around in bright dresses and my dad asking all to get ready to keep pongal at one particular time , neighbourhood friends  coming and sharing their happiness on that day -the meaningless giggles,the funny winks ,the pleasant hugs ,the touch on cheeks from mothers around --the innocence of happiness in true essence no matter what age u r was felt ---the fact that 2 decades later i can still think about those beautiful moments is testimony to the fact the importance and magnamity we celebrate this great day in my part of the world .
       This Pongal i have celebrated in a beautiful city that has some of the world's fantastic touring attractions ,,like Twin towers ,KL Tower ,Batu Caves ,Genting Islands -Bird Park ,this place is surely a magical experience and it might very well be my second home in future -this place has beauty everywhere but what i want to experience is that innocence of happiness on such auspicious days - days in my world people could offer you smiles to break silence --ready to share food with pure happiness ---and that touch in cheek from elders --and yes that specific time to keep pongal from dads of my world ---the new dresses --the frdly banters between neighbourhood --that is something you need to experience to feel it --And yes for 301 st time i remembered its Pongal --and you are right i feel like a alien in a beautiful world away from my place and my surrounding --What a Awesome Pongal it is for me in Kuala Lumpur --I'm gona snooze off now  trying to remember it 302nd time sometime  soon  :P:P
Happy Pongal!!!