Sunday, June 25, 2017

Follow Your Heart --It Will Lead You To Your Dreams !!

           "Life is the only place where you can live your dreams and you don't have endless time to do that -  Follow your heart they will lead you to your dreams  "
                                                       Recently i happened to have a casual conversation with a known frd whose brother had completed 12 th and had passed out with 80 percent marks ,i just quote down our conversation 
          Me-- So how did your brother fare in his exams ?i hope all went well
         Frd -- Ya buddy by God's Grace he passed out in flying colours ,he secured 80 %
          Me -- Great ,What Next ?What does he want to do ?
         Frd  -- We already planned for him to study Mech Engg in (he mentioned a reputed college name ) ,so we will put him there.
          Me  -- So that is what he wants also right ?
          Frd   -- Me,Papa and mom all decided he should study this couple of years back ,,i think he wants this too ,,its a good college , he will get good job and get settled in life .After all we need a good name in society and setttled life na (Saying that he broke into a huge laugh tapping on my shoulder ).
           Me -- All i could give him was a uneasy smile with a troubled thought in mind dating back couple of decades back 
        Year 1998 sometime( when life was wonderful with that unforgettable Sharjah Storm from Tendulkar --and not least about twelfth results :P)--i remember having a conversation with few frds when entrance marks were out (the NEET then ).

        Randomly i quote the dialogues that i could remember that was spoken around me  then 

" Marks are out now i can be a engineer as my whole family wanted "
"I have got enough marks to apply for doctor as ppl around me wished"
"I dont have enough marks to get into college my father wanted me too "
"I will go to the college couple of you go to " and then i was asked what was i goin to do 
"Mech Engineer as my parents wished "

                                         Almost two decades later when i asked this guy what his brother wanted to do ---he's answering that "We already planned for him for a seemingly settled life and good name of the society "--Amazing nothing has changed the place i live around because of this rotten ,dead useless "SOCIETY"--I did not think then nor did i hear from one person then was what he really wanted to become .It has always been about society determining our future and ruining our childhood dreams .
                                        My parents never forced to me to chose engg --i was a abject failure in mechanical engineering though i passed out for name sake - Almost twenty years later i know i never wanted to do engineering because i was never good at studies,i loved something else in my life but i felt not being a loya; son to wonderful parents would leave me guilty for life when one word to my parents would have allowed me to go in search for my dreams . After all life doesn't gives you many opportunities in life .I remember one of my besties  quoting long time

    " In Life there will be a moment when you have to make a jump in faith towards your untold
      childhood dreams --Faith because even if you fail you will keep trying to reach that destination 
      someday ,somehow--Thats the purpose of life ! "
                                     I hope sincerely someday someone i meet few years down the line will say boldly the lines "he will become what he wants to"-- after all there is no joy in hearing and enjoying  something you so dearly want in life .

"Your Identity should always be what you want to be ---not what people around you wish you to be 
People who love you from heart will always allow you to follow yours" !!!

Cheers !!