Friday, August 30, 2013

"Parents Are Incomparable "

"   Parents are your living dictionary to everything you want to know in life 
    The least you could do is respect them --the most you could do is love them endlessly 
     Life's first admiration ,inspiration ,motivation, begins with our parents
     Mine was no different but it simply went on to become awe inspiring 
     Beginning life with two wonderful humble human beings made life lot easier 
     Dedicated to my great parents on their 36th Wedding anniversary."
                                                      Nothing is forever in this life but the time growing up as a kid --all those days when your parents cuts brown covers for your books for new academic year ,,the beautiful time when they taught you to ride a cycle ,,the times they played with you so that you don't feel lonely ,,the times when they used to stand at your school gate with your favourite dish and that effervescent smile--the times they took you to barber shop and standing outside admiring you--the times they took you to tourist spots--plenty and plenty --simply magical unmatchable times --times which only our parents could give and no one else could replicate that  happiness they gave when we were growing up.   
                                                             What's right ,what's wrong , ,learning the art of respecting ,helping you figure out the unique ability u might possess unknowingly --supporting you to the hilt during troubled times --holding you together from breaking down at your lowest points in life --somewhere the shades of our parents in all these moments  will keep hovering over you ,just to remind in case you feel lost --they  will become shining beacons to the path of your unknown destination --and all these are just not just extreme optimistic ,philosophical statements --im now into my early 30 's --and i can literally remember the number of times i was prevented from becoming a abject failure in my life ---there were times when i was surrounded by nothing but complete darkness --every single time it would be the incomparable guarding angel of my life --My Mom who would have had picked me up even in that darkness ---and guided by the greatest  iron willed man i have ever known in my life - "My Dad "--Now i do know how impossible it must have been to resurrect a derailing life--probably every single mom and dad in this world would have done it at some point to their son /daughter .
                                                    The more i see married people  these days  ,the more i realise i would probably never see a better understanding couple than  my mom and dad ---and it was not just because they are very special people in my life im saying this --Despite having a age difference of nearly 13 years they always had special understanding ---During my school days my parents used to accompany me and my brother to school every single day --i remember one of my most  respected teacher Rasheed Sir --who is now no more --used to remark that even if at  100 mtrs apart --your parents would speak same words about any topic ---i never understood that deeply until my mom passed away ---a part of my dad had gone with mom --he still is a bloody strong willed man but that part of his went away with the queen of his heart ---Despite being very very close to hell a lot of people in life i never have decoded that "understanding"part --and everytime i fail - i remember Rasheed's Sir' s words of them ,The most paramount word in any relationship/frdship is always "Understanding ".
                                                         Funnily i have sometimes forgotten even my birthday  but never missed remembering my great parent's wedding anniversary ---as a kid i used to get new shirts ,toys on their day ---Never remember even once my mom in all 20 years she was with us asking something for her on such days ---Somewhere i remember reading

              " A mother knows the feelings of a child the moment his/her heart starts beating "

                                                        18 years of education and every single day with same dedication --same love --same care --and lots of lots of hardwork --thats what my dad was--and probably you could fix that same line for almost every dad in this world --they just don't know to stop loving
                              " Every kid's first inspiration is always their dad "
                                                       I have no idea what i will be in 20 years maybe i wont exist then --but till the  time i live my love ,admiration ,inspiration will never change even a iota to the greatest couple of human beings that i was so lucky to have as parents --To be called their son was/is /will always be the biggest priveleage of my life --i ask no more because i pride upon that more than anything else in my life ,Happy Anniversary to you lovely couple --Love u both loads 
I could remember just one line 

                          "Parents ask you nothing but give you everything they can  "

Cheers  !!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


        " People come into your life for some reason 
          If reason is revealed  early then you know they were not meant to stay for life
          If reason is not revealed for whole life then you are guaranteed happiness 
          Life is not meant to be just a struggle 
          It is a journey in a seemingly endless sea where you are  given a boat 
          to find your unknown destination --but to row the boat we need an " Oar"
          In life that "Oar" is the people we meet in life for all right reasons 
          Whether we reach that destination or not is no guarantee but pushing us 
           towards that requires  a strong oar in that endless sea
          Not appreciating what you had/have in life is disrespecting your sincere efforts 
           to find that unknown destination "
                                                                   Dedicated to my close friend ,mate ,buddy,philosopher ,motivator  Suresh Kumar on his Birthday --Im priveleged  in acknowledging the fact that my friends have not just been a oar but sumtimes a boat even in my journey to find my unknown destination --What began as a accidental frdship developed into a wonderful  brotherly frdship unseen for years before meeting eventually ---Now happily married with a wonderful person  and blessed with a lovely son --He remains the same wonderful person i met so many years ago ---Sometimes the life of commoners reveal lot more than what you could imagine ---Some people just prefer to be just silent significant factors in life --but as the breeze is to this world --they will be in your lives --never asking for recognition yet quietly give you confidence in the worst of times and enjoy happiness in best of times .
                                                     I remember once  my effervescent angel Mom replying to my query"Where do you find ,love,care,happiness ,trust ,support  and truth --she replied find a honest person all this follow by itself --i never understood what she was meaning then --now i do understand that she was referring to finding some genuine frds in life --Im thankful i have couple of them and wishing one of them a very Happy Birthday to a genuinely good guy and human being ,
                 "You should never think twice about who your real friends are  "


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mother India Awaits A Real "Happy Independance Day "!!!!

Freedom was not got  to loot money at will
Freedom was not got  to see our place as a land of  corruption
Freedom was not got  to misbehave with women
Freedom was not got to punish the innocent
Freedom was not got  to grab  leftovers from the poor
Freedom was not got  to tear Mother India  into more parts 

Rather Freedom was got for all the opposite reasons  to the above
66 years before freedom was got for all reasons to see better ,brighter Mother India
But now the best identity to our Nation seems to be
A land unsafe for women ,A land known for corruption
Real freedom for Mother India is when she is free of all these blackmarks 

Aug 15 --Independance day --But Mother India is still hoping to see the day she knows the real  meaning of  "Happy Independence Day "!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Value of Someone is Unknown Until They Become A Memory !!!!

                                " Value of someone is unknown until they become a memory "  

                       "What hurts you more-- Your uncontrollable moments of anger or your obvious ego or the fact you have been disappointed not using all your talents ?---i quizzed a frd of mine who recently passed away sometime back ---I got reply "The fact that i don't have a answer to those questions for 25 yrs  of my life"

                                                           ---In memory of a  friend i never got to know well in her life but have began to realise more about life in whole new perspective after she passed away recently  .
                                                 How much importance we give to things like hate ,anger ,ego ,misunderstandings over beautiful things in life like love ,happiness ,sometimes silence even --- is realised when you understand the value of a life--How much can a ego kill the thoughts of someone in your life is realised when you get to know that person is no more -all you wish is not to have been a painful memory courtesy that useless ego --It just means nothing when you know you had the opportunity to get over those wobbly moments in life yet did nothing other than holding  aloof  the wisdoms of being egoistic --A whole life however short or long gives plenty of opportunities to walk up and say "Im Sorry " regardless whoever is right and wrong --this person who left me recently was perceived as a arrogant ,blatant truth speaking individual who stood for things she felt was right --of course i had my apprehensions about many of the theories and we ended up as never being best of friends.

                                                  The most important thing is to know value of someone --value of life as whole before being judgemental about someone as a person ---that might require the whole course of your life sometimes --Never be in haste to end somethings/relationships --because it may take a whole lifetime to get over that sudden lapse .

                                                   Anger was something i had hell a lot as a growing kid --Ego is something that got developed by the support of anger --it helps you to achieve improbable heights --but it is a huge stumbling block if you are looking into building relationships and friendships --When anger and ego go hand in hand --everything else beautiful in life goes out --eventually leaving you  in a mess to understand the value of  someone you loved or love .

                                                   Absolutely this blog is not a  feel good type blog  or philosophical oriented  --this is about how lot of us live life --or atleast from people i saw ,interacted and have known in my 32 yrs of life --People try to feel apologitic when someone they had a grudge passes away --I hear people say "I could have asked for forgiveness "--"I could have stood by him/her if i forgot that one incident "---That "One incident " thing ruins so many magical moments and relationships in life --that "one incident " becomes the barometer to judge that person eventually putting end to frdship or distancing both from each other ---This from real experience of what i felt of someone being arrogant ,egoistic deserved all that until the moment i heard the news of her being no more ,It felt terrible knowing judging someone for what she never was  maybe the worst thing i ever did in my life - you learn whats right and whats wrong in life from your early life via education  yet always end up learning the right things after doing the wrong things . 

                                                People can only be what they r born as ---not what u wish --i once saw this person as a arrogant ,someone with attitude ,lot of ego ,seems now when she is no more as someone who was just being her --and someone who never changed for sake of satisfying people around - --
                                           "You cannot be judged for what u actually not are "
                                                 A Nice human being maybe she always was --the best way of being apologetic which i felt immediately was realising the value of life of sumone we loved or love is far greater than anything in this world .

                              RIP Friend  ---- thanks for giving another perspective to life 

                                                  ( One of my best mates used to bug  me "What's need of putting up personal experiences in open forum or blogs "--My answer always was "it might be useful to someone reading not to do mistakes i did or enjoy happiness i shared --Life does not have a book to explain pros and cons --people who go through experiences  have duty to share it concealing the essential intimate truths-- thats all --the rest could be helpful to someone unknown --Never felt the urge to blog as i did for this blog ever since i started blogging --might not be my best moment --but i hope it makes someone realise this is sumthing that could be avoided in their lives )