Friday, March 15, 2019

Happy Bday To A Unforgettable Wonderful Human Being - Happy Bday Dipu !!

(The last six months of  my life has been the most depressing i have been in my life --- for the second time i was suffering from depression -- and i knew i was battling depression when i failed again and again to do what i loved most --write what my heart wanted --it was the only way i could speak from my heart for i was not a good a orator and nothin much else--pardon me if this blog  seems different because its like im restarting again for the best friend of my life --i have had many but  now i have almost none but u were there always in my past , present and  will be sumehow in the future too ---Happy BDay Daps)

" Your life is good if ur memories slide one by one leaving at the end with tears of untold joy in ur eyes "---To one beautiful soul who has been in the best and worst part of my life  as a wonderful supporter no matter what --being just what he promised to be when i met him more than a decade and half ago--"A True Friend")

                                             If at all there was a award for someone who made such a large amount of  true friends purely through social media ---it had to be me :p--i was damn lucky to have had met some wonderful gems through online --Here's the "Achilles heel" i learnt though that comes along with that tag of having many  online friends ---not all of them stick with u through ur good times and bad times --they just wither away due to fate and extreme level of expectations --but what won't wither is the beautiful memories u had with them -- the thought of  their desertion in your most desperate times will be a minor glitch in the whole beautiful picture (i hope to go in detail sumday :P).

                                           Sandeep Sheoron --- The first interaction with you was funny with your stupid shawn michaels dp in orkut searchin a friend with same name like me --fortunately or (unfortunately for u )--u sent a friend request that still remains the most important friend request i got in social media --i formed a chain from u to make so many of ur friends mine and their friends mine too --i was so fond of making friends that i failed to find the best ones among all the good ones --I realise now that it is as important to be true to sumone to expect them to be same to u,,its to me the most important trait in being a true friends,unfortunately i realised my mistakes bit late but letting go is also a art i guess --a part of life which is a must .

                                           Your memories with me go back a long time -- i used to have the best times with u while online chatting --- you --with a terriifc sly sense of humour ---a brute honesty - a heart that is the softest in the world ---which was rightfully given to another wonderful soft hearted soul --eventually being rewarded with "The brightest little angel in the whole world "--you have everythin in life because u deserved nothing less --if at all wishes had wings i wish it could fly to u and tell how many i have---they are countless--for a wonderful human being even the best things in this whole world wont be enuf .

                                           Nowadays we don't have time to know each other more --nowadays there is no time to crack jokes --no time to write mails --no time to talk -its the usual life of all frustrated "family responsible guys in the thirties "--we will keep running to reach one goal after and another --not realising what we are leaving behind ---we eventually run a race to our destiny all alone --but no destiny could erase the beautiful memories u gave me --the shoulder u gave me when i needed them (before this watsapp ,facebook revolution which i truly hate now :P),u are truly a brother i will happily take to me to even the toughest roads of life ---You will always be my lucky charm ,,my closest friend and now one of the few leftover good ones left in my life ---Thanks for being there and keep making many others life a living heaven by being urself in all their lives too ,,Have a wonderful bday with all around ,,,as for my gift ,,,,u have already got it :P:P:P!!!!--Have fun -luv u loads brother always ,,,,,till my last)