Friday, April 3, 2020

"Life Is About Memories Too --Create Some New Now:)!!!

                    " Every story has a beginning ---and a end but in between them all lies the chapters 
                       we never know because we create them ---with one important factor  we always 
                       seem to have less  --TIME"

                     This  is of course a  totally unexpected issue thr whole world is encountering ---lockdowns have been forced in many nations ---people have been forced to be confined to their houses with their loved ones -the only biggest positive outcome of this terrible disease is that --for now time seems more --spent  with people we see everyday but never had time to sit down and talk about life ,about everything we go through and went through .

                       Honestly when u wonder what makes you smile  when you close ur eyes for  few minutes ---"MEMORIES"--in the fast paced world where you are pushed to earn more endlessly ,,to keep running with no end line at sight --this time given to u is a chance to  revisit the most precious moments and precious people in your life whom you might have not  had time to appreciate  their role in making you who you are in life .

                       I had this conversation with this close  friend with whom im not in touch but would do someday again surely would do ---we had a talk about life and memories --i remember that friend quoting 
                    " If life is like a sky the memories we create in life are like rainbows "

I never understood what he meant that day because life is a hazy picture that becomes clear as we grow old --now i  know  wht he meant  --life is  not about how much money u make  --how famous you are ---infact the less greedy you are --the more  happy you are in life !!1

                       Now is the  time to enjoy the beauties life has offered in your life that you never notice for quest for lifeless things -- talk to your  mother more after all she has talked to u so much while u were in your "first"darkness :)--talk to your father and thank him for all  his struggles--talk to your siblings for staying there always for you ---and most importantly remember and thank the souls who gave their time for you to be happy -- friends --we might have forgotten many of them in our relentless  quest --many of them might have been left behind ---this is your chance to make the people who made you what you are happy ---if you have  memories with people  that make  you smile  --now is your "time"to thank them ---have a word with them and make new memories.This is another opportunity "time"has given you to do that .After all everything alive will die one day but the memories never do ---it will keep passing from one to another life till this world is there --no corona can take them away !!