Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy 56 th Birthday Mom --Love You Loads And Loads :)!!!

Happy Birthday to my lovely Mom ( Celebrating your last 12 birthdays with God is just too smart :(:()

Typical to every mom in the world
You never stopped believing on your children , You never stopped fighting , you never lost hope on anything , you never stopped loving anyone , you never spoke a angry word to anyone, you never stopped smiling at people you knew ,probably God knee the only way tostop you was to take you with him way too early ,but for me till my last breath you will be the greatest mother in the world , the greatest human being I ever knew and the angel who gave me life , who taught me love. 

Love you loads and loads Mom - Happy Birthday again and thanks for everything you gave to me -Being called your son will always be the pride of my life :):):)!!!!