Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Suicides ---Something Tht Can Be Prevented If We Could Pay Slight More Attention On Our Loved Ones !!!!
                                                Yesterday morning in almost most of radio stations --there was a very strong discussion goin on about the increasing number of suicides in our places ,,the above students unfortunate end actually sent mild shock waves around the city as it was the second such suicide in a short time in the same place..Actually what bothered me was some poor ideas and comments passed on by some people who clearly did not understand the need of the hour was not post mortems but preventions .They seemed too excited to discuss the issue in the right sense and it some of them seemed bit silly !!
                                             I heard one person sayin"We should play them holy songs and holy movies ---seemed bit bizarre to me --another person said --"We should get them involved in sports activities"--seriously some were good and some were horrible suggestions ---but for me the basic point was what we do to prevent them ??---No guy or girl wants to be a loner in this world --because no one is born a loner --at some point of time we find sumone to talk ,,to share,,to listen --the thought of failures hits u hard when u have noone to share because there "NEVER IS A ISSUE OF SUMONE SAYIN I HAVE NOTHIN TO SHARE "-the basic problem with people in my part of world with whom i can relate these incidents is everyone of us is too involved in our own issues to note what is happening to the members in our family and in our cirlce.And im not saying all this in philosophical views --i have personally gone through this trauma 10 years back ,i know how exactly it feels to be lost and lonely and moreover "HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO EXECUTE  A PLAN TO KILL ONESELF "

   One day in  November  2002
                           Losing a mother at a young age is in itself a hard truth to swallow but to lose the person who meant the world to me felt like lights had gone out of my life --i struggled to cope up with the reality - i was just 20 that time --the world seemed a scary place ,,very scary to even live --i had no frds to discuss my loneliness --my confusions were confined to myself --i had to take the next step by myself as my family was trying to come in terms with the harsh truth --i tried for the same stupid silly stuff  believing ending ones life is the end of any problem forgetting what a chain of problems it may have catapulted if done so ,,i failed so miserably and i could never fault my family one percent ,,my issue was i was devoid of anyone to speak or know how to feel about a grave loss
                          It was believe me the most scariest difficult thing to imagine let alone doing --no human being will have the guts to do tht once he decides,,we are born like tht ,,,just before that moment of deciding comes thousand vulnerable moments where our heart yearns for one soul to talk ,,to share ,,for sumone to put a shoulder on us and say "It will pass on ,,dont worry "---thts what is probably needed ,,comfort of belief that u are not left alone to take ur own decision when u are at ur vulnerable worst .Loneliness in moments of high discomfort leads to wrong decisions according to me ,,if sumone around you feels left out ,,feels deserted ,just make sure he or she doesnt feel the same for prolonged period of time --and in case of students its even important for frds or family to sit and talk to them about their priorities in life ,,their disappointments should be discussed --and there should be a "COMFORTING HAND ON THEIR SHOULDER AT ANY COST ",i dont believe in showing holy movies or songs or reducing television(?)may help them at stress ,,but comforting words ,a family member who is supportive to the core ,,a true friend,,and  moreover "there is always a angel in every house --the one who brought u to this world --even if world takes u wrong she will never !!
                      I felt very bad and heart wrenching pain when i read abt this stuff in newspaper felt sorry for the girl and this was my feeling and perspective about the stuff ,,not meant to hurt anyones thoughts --my personal wish by this blog is to reiterate that prevention is better than post mortems ,,we have our roles however miniscule it may be --sumtimes it might be the one that saves a life .
                      Suicides is a serious problem in our society but it has a simple solution ---"Everyone one of us taking care of our loved ones at all times"!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

In Love Of A Lovely Mom !!!

                        Every time i feel lonely ,,lost --one person gives me energy --belief ,trust --probably its the same for every human being who is born on this world --their mom is magical --I thought of writing a few lines on my mom --who continues to motivate me to never give up despite anythin --Love u mom (Pardon me im no means a poet --but to describe a mom u need not be a poet always :):))

                         " The one relationship that seems forever --timeless 
                             the one person for whom i was always ---priceless 
                             the one person whose love seemed -- endless 
                             of all the persons i have seen u remain -peerless "
                            Lived the life of a ever lasting queen --even married a king rightfully  :)
                            The flowers in the garden were always wishing for your heavenly touch 
                            My Mornings were always beautiful  waking up to ur angelic face
                            Today my mornings without u seems a misty haze !!
                          " Everything stood still if u wished --u never aged even !
                            Twenty years never seemed enough --heart yearns for more!
                            Probably u gave anger and ego back to god whenu were born!!
                            Not many did tht --God gifted u with everlasting love and happiness!!
                           People stood to admire your smile !!
                          A smile that even death waited for a moment to see that !!
                          You gave everythin what we all wished --you gave what even god wished !!
                          He wished for you to be by his side --anything -anyone asked -u gave !
                           If only i knew how and why u were like that !!
                           Maybe God took one extra second in creating you !!
                           Magical ,mystical ,startlingly simple amazingly honest !!
                           Truth never hurt you - No one ever cursed you 
                           Love never deserted you--it followed u till ur last!!
                           Death is the most cruel inevitable part of life 
                           Yet you made even death comfortable --and im sure 
                           Death felt ashamed to take ur noble life long before it was due to end 
                           A whole life with just love and love only !!
                            MOM--uttering these words i get tears every single time 
                              Tears --of happiness--of desperation to see u just one more time
                                  More than anything tears saying out loudly

                             "Thank You for giving me a experiencing a life with a angel "
                                                                --  My journey continues with u in heart forever  --
                                                                                         Luv u and Miss u !!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"PATIENCE " - If Only I Had More Of That !!!

" Nobody teaches you to be patient --u learn that by yourself   
  Sumthing that is easily achievable but always reluctantly considered  impossible
  if u have patience u may not win the world but u can give urself every chance for all ur dreams "
   April 10th ,2012
                           On the face of some grounding humiliation and forced embarassment --the day became a unforgettable one for all the wrong reasons for me ,,,while the reason was nothing new or nothing big to write about --the outcome of that severely hurt my thoughts--After a bad incident people who were present for a  impending good occasion which eventually got called off hours before it was to happen due to fate,,, started wagging their tongues and started abusing impatiently on innocent people who were not responsible for anything--i just thought to myself about a word i wished people gave bit more importance than what it is now---PATIENCE-seems a forgotten word to us in this fast paced world but is it true ?

                            I cant judge the importance of the word through sumone else --I was thinking --How much of importance have i given to tht word ?---the mind rolled back to years on few incidents on how i missed chances of learning the beauty of the word

From School ,
                     Its very funny that u tend to remember the days of ur school than ur college ones more --i could remember vividly my school days --i could not bear a beating to learn a lesson from my 1 st std teacher --so much so i changed my section --i forgot that if i had patience i would have been a better student but as it turned out i messed managing my capabilities to my best ,,,patience was a factor i missed then

A rueful incident --all of impatience
                   "If u dont find a vehicle within next few minutes im leavin"--"No --i will be there soon by sum means "---couple of hrs later i heard the news of the friend ( a amazing,amazing  one) died of a horrible accident --if only i had  given her couple more minutes --maybe things would have been different --again patience was the word i forgot to take note off and eventually paid a big price --a price i feel haunted sumtimes even now--a sense of guilt haunts me still --why could not i have been bit more patient---after all it was of one of the most influential persons of my life -it was a mistake i regret everyday  --the only thing about a mistake is u make sure it never happens again for a second time in my life ---tht incident also taught me abt how  being patient is a huge factor in life .
With MOM-the relentlessly never tiring human beings of this world
                    With mom it was remarkable because i had luxury to be impatient with her always --she was patient personified -nothing i did hurt her --atleast thts what she showed in her life --"Every time she wanted me to become her dream son --i would act as a nightmare to her wishes --yet she was patient enuf to allow me to win then beleiving some day her patience will win and some of her lovely wishes realised ---it did happen eventually --only thing --She was seeing few of her wishes shape up from up above --if only i was patient enuf to see the world through her eyes !!!!
                      Here now while writing this i can see myself in my past  ruining some priceless moments with my reluctance to be patient --today when all the crap things,ill advised words were thrown around i told myself--"Just be patient --it is a opportunity u r giving urself to get things u wish sumday "---it was perhaps for first time in my life i buried my natural anger and hoped being patient will help in long run
                      Anger ,,Haste ,,Ego ,,Pain ,Love,--we never hesitate to show any of those qualities of our nature --if only we could embrace patience as one among them --life would be a wonderful place than what it seems sumtimes--for me if only i had bit more than what i showed in my life -i would have felt heaven everyday ,every minute of life --learning to be patient is a simple but mystical art --we know how it is done --but we dont  want it to be done ,,,lol ,,,hope tht changes because if that thought changes life changes --im in the process atlast :):)

Monday, April 2, 2012

The forgotten beauty of hand written letter or greeting card!!!!

     ***  ( There was more than one reason and hell a  lot of scolding --so im back again :)))***

                             "Written in full heartfelt thanks to my sweet sis hasini --whose handwritten greeting card gave me a much needed uplift to my sagging thoughts "
  " I never knew that day was this good until i saw it 1000 times in my
      Nothing is pointless when u see it 1000 times in ur memory ---for when
         I saw 1001th time i knew i was not just seeing it --i was feeling it :)"
                                                                The first time i fell in love with  written words was when i read these words in a paper handwritten so beautifully --i felt so happy seeing it and im talking abt sumthing a decade before !!! Yes  In a era when there was not much mail in use ,,when landline phones were still prominent --time has changed now --hardly anyone writes these days --its just mails --but trust me its sumother feeling to see sumone writing for you --it is probably the only time when u never analyse sumones handwriting rather just take sumones love to heart and fall into a world where there is only happiness --undeniable happiness
                                                             I hardly have 10 written letters and very few greeting cards written in hand -yet they are my most priceless collection --recently when i was struggling to get myself up -- i received a beautiful card written with love --it changed my life again postively does have a huge impact to see sumone taking even a minute to think abt u --thts the purpose of hand written letters ---it gives untold  happiness .
                                                           In this egostic world --noone is spared to live without fights or misunderstanding ---and at the same time some real love goes unexpressed for a lifetime--A hand written letter might solve many things --help u break ice ---form sumthing lifelong ---I know u wont believe it ---do it once and see the results
                                                        " Our entry and exit in this world may be a lonely one--never choose loneliness whilst u live --a handwritten letter to sumone u love always helps u to rule out that option for life --try it to beleive it ---its a simple magic but a mesmerising one "