Friday, March 7, 2014

Women Are The Soul To Life In This World !!!

        What it is to be a woman??/ -- I imagined this might be the answer of a average  women living in my society --

  " I'm butchered ,Im Targeted every single minute by million eyes --i don't know who's prey i           will  end upon
    I am not allowed to love --im not allowed to speak up --im not allowed to wear dresses i wish
   I am not allowed to live life as i want --- yet somewhere there is a me in everything i see in              this  world
    Respect is something that is written in paper for me -never for real --all this for being a                  woman "
                                                                    --An answer that pitimises the state of  most women in my society --Make no mistake this is not the plight of every woman that is out there ---but most ---and im downright ashamed to be part of a generation that refuses to take steps to create  better environment for women--We  wish for every women in this country  to be  protected by a policeman  --We wish women are confined to houses rather than walking out --we wish to bury their dreams than to nurture them for a better India - We wish for all practical impossibilities and never implement our hearts to give them the world they want --atleast that is what it seems now with tha innumerous incidents and tortures women undergo in this part of world .

                                                                      The reason for our existence is a woman --the reason we learnt meaning of love is because of a woman --the reason we live is to be taught more of that word from women in our lives --Mother who gives u life --sister who supports you --a wife who stands by you --frds from opposite gender who wish nothing but good for you ---but do they get the respect they deserve ???do they get recognised beyond the fact they r women?? Dont they deserve more than eagle eyes in offices ??

                                                                     I remember once a quote from one of my best friends who was working in a office dominated by males and i quote "You have no idea how it is to work in a office when people dont see your face and talk every single minute and how many eyes see you differently for no fault of mine ",,the pain of those words were evident for the person was one of the most genuinely good people i have known in life --i had no words then --probably girls are not allowed to speak in that vein in places where i live in --choices are not available for most to choose the life they want to live .
                                                                     Recently i read two murders of girls who got butchered by mad dogs ,raped and murdered ---this keeps happening again and again ,,,the case of nirbhaya still haunts me in my heart and it will do so for the rest of life --because every month there are increasing cases --now that girls working in big companies like TCS  are not spared even near office premises , The cases keep stacking up no ends ,,where is the solution ?,,Its practically impossible to give protection to every single woman in this world ,its left to the upcoming generation to be taught of the greatness of woman and giving them the due respect which has not happened for a long long time ,unless the seed is sown in hearts of upcoming generations that a woman is a priceless possession a man can have in life  and taught that hurting a woman is like hurting your own mother --after all she is a woman too .
                                                                     If not respected for what they are ,i hope they are not atleast thrown acids for not loving ,not murdered for few mins of lust ,,not hurt for being a woman --because being born a woman is not a fault --the world exists because of them --they are reasons the world has not gone extinct 

             "They are reasons for our beginning -why should we be the end to their dreams "

                                                                   From someone who was blessed with the most wonderful woman in the world as mother --some amazing women as sisters --some great women as teachers --few wonderful women as friends -- truly know the value what they have given to me in life -simply incomparable and priceless -they are soul to life in this world !!!!!

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