Sunday, August 30, 2015

Parents -- The Real Soul Of Our Lives !!!!

            " Parents give you everything --in return they hope for just one thing 
               that one day their son/daughter will make them proud  by deeds and words because 
               that is what they teach us all life --to do the right things even at the wrong time "

(Dedicated to my lovely parents on their 38 th Wedding Anniversary and to all the lovely parents in the world )
                                                         Happy 38 th Wedding Anniversary to two of the most wonderful human beings i have ever known in life ---the  very reason i exist -- if my heart was a kingdom then they will be the king and queen forever - -If words could be flowers i wish they always decorated your feet .To my wonderful mom and remarkable dad --on their 38 th wedding anniversary although my mom is enjoying this from comforts of heaven ,,its always a very special day for me.
                                                        Parents give us all they have -- many times beyond their capabilities for every mom and dad in this world their son/daughter is the uncrowned prince /princess in the world -- the endless sacrifices they make  for us is unexplainable --because there are not enough words  to appreciate the kindness of their hearts ,I was born to two wonderful people united in thoughts from the time i knew them as my parents ,My Mom is in my memories now ---I happened to live only 20 odd years with that great human being -- but what a privilege and pride it was to have spend those priceless 20 years of my life as her son with her for real .All those moments are now memories ,,each one more beautiful the next time i think about them simply because it had my mom in them. Now almost 13 years have passed by but hardly a day goes without something remembering her ,be it smile of a little kids in house ,,be it in the unbridled love of my better half,or the special words from my wonderful close mates ---somewhere she continues to live on and fills my life with little little happiness that are so necessary to look forward to the next day with hope .
                                                         Now into my thirties i could understand how tough this world is ---and the more the world unravels itself ---the more im in awe of all the parents in world ---The moment there is a need for their child ---a dad doesn't hesitate to do things he could hardly dream of --a mother becomes the biggest believer and motivator the moment they realise  her son/daughter feel defeated , they mould us into someone who could first know how to fight our fates --the moment we are ready to fight our fate will be the moment we begin to realise the meaning of our existence and our journey to our destiny begins from there ,our parents are the unsung heroes who help us realising that  significant fact ..they might not accompany the entire journey but the light to our journey begins with them .

                                                         My Mom was a remarkable person who always remained a shy person at heart --but ran always to help people ,,who was a patient angel who moulded a highly careless son into something ---a incomparable woman who gave nothing but love to the whole world --and her last words were "Take care of dad "---never lived a moment for herself --but lived a whole life even though short only for people around --never spoke a angry word,,never hated anyone and left very early just because God needed good people around him :(,,But my life ,my dreams , my hopes ,,my sucess  everything she will be a beautiful part --as a son my my role will always be making sure it is a beautiful part she is in !!

                              "The honest one never fails in life "  --that is the mantra my dad  taught me as a kid ---and it still reverberates in my ears always.

                                                        My Dad like every other dad in the world is the epitome of the word responsible ---I learnt the meaning of word loyal from him ---To educate a son is a dad's duty ,,but to do that by coming to drop and pick them for 21 years from school to college is scarcely believable yet my great dad did it relentlessly .Always believed i would be a sucessful person if i could achieve half of what he has achieved in life .His legacy will always have the words ,honesty,responsibility and dedication,,,Even a serious physical ailment could not stop him from achieving his goals ---his magnificent tireless will power is something i always admired and admire every passing day.

                                                         Wishing the most handsome lovely couple i knew in life ---to my wonderful parents --a happy 38 th wedding anniversary ..To  all the wonderful parents in the world  ---as one among million sons/daughters in the world ---"Thanks for making us  who we are  --It could have never been without you both  --because it all started with you both "Love you Mom and Dad endlessly ,Being called your son will always be the biggest privilege and pride of my life .

     (Hopefully one day i would be lucky to experience what it is to be a parent ,-- probably the most responsible and happiest job in the world :)))

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