Saturday, May 7, 2016

Do U Need A Day To Acknowledge Your Great Mother ?

Do u need a day to acknowledge your great mother ?
A Mother not only gives you life when you are born ---she promises to dedicate her life for urs for a whole life !!!

A Mother doesn't command anything from you for life but makes you know your unlimited talents by just being there -always irrespective of anything !

A Mother is a incomparable heavenly soul who gives nothing but overflowing unconditional love for life !

A Mother trusts you more than anyone else /believes you more than yourself /forgives you for your mistakes more than even God.!

A Mother will always be the first one to wipe your first tear /will always be there with your loved ones during your happy moments --never taking credits for your happiness but takes all the blame when you fail in something !!

Do u need a day to celebrate such a noble soul ??I remember the day before my marriage i was asked to seek her blessings on the most important day of my life ---i was happily smiling till that moment thinking abt the impending happy day --but the moment i went near her picture my heart became so heavy --tears came out immediately knowing that she isn't there for the most important day of my life to bless me for real--felt like the unluckiest person in the world !!

To all the lucky guys /girls who have their wonderful mother for real ---You are just too blessed to have her in life --there is noone like her --there will be noone ever like her after she is gone ---Remember she not only gave you life --she gave hers the moment you were born ---she keeps her promise for her child for life ---in my case she keeps her promise every single day /night even after was forced to leave the world far too early .
I love and miss you every single minute Mom --I don't really believe in Mother's Day --I believe in the love of every mother in the world --all because i had the greatest mom in the world --like each and every one of us always feel 

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