Wednesday, June 1, 2016

They Are Not Just Our "Better" Halves --They Are Our "Best" Halves!!!

                                      "When any amount of time spent with a " special "person  seems very less then it just symbolises how much you love that person "
                                     *****Dedicated to one of the most wonderful persons i knew in my life who unfortunately happens to be my better half:P:P - to a person who makes me complete in this momentous journey called life *****

                                                      "Yes"---A simple word but seems the most important and everlasting word in a guy's life when uttered by the girl of his dreams accepting to be a part of his life ---to be part of every dream he has --to be part of every happiness he experiences --to be part of his tough times --in short to be part of him till he /she parts away .In every way imaginable this is the most beautiful feeling a guy experiences --to have a woman who symbolises a part of everything he wishes and wants .The moment she becomes' his 'is a joy beyond words and expressions .
                                                      June 2 -   It was one of the happiest dates of my life --and will remain the same till my last --i was destined to remain single when this wonderful person decided to change destiny and my life by that magical word -"Yes",Ever since my childhood i always felt in awe of my mother and father,who showed me how much it means to be with sumone who loves you from heart --and as time went by i felt maybe i was destined to have my happiness to be confined by myself --until she changed it with a simplicity that still remains a startling mystery to me ,

                                                      Often it is a struggle for a guy to decide upon what he wishes in his dream girl,From looks ,education ,family surrounding , financial supports,etc etc but eventually what matters most is a feeling of two seconds from your heart ---the moment you feel this girl is the one for your life --your heart pounds so hard to make your brain understand that certain things in life are beyond analysation --and those certain things are to be decided by our " heart "alone .

                                                       I remember my wonderful mom saying in her last few days -"My only disappointment in life is that I'm going to go away without seeing my beautiful children getting married "-that pain remained with me for long long time --till the moment i got married --because i felt a huge burden lift  off my heart --it was a day where i felt her blessings and a feeling that her biggest pain would have now gone -certain things in life give you happiness that you remember them for life --a guy dreams of this ever since his teens --after all whats the worth of everything in life when you don't have anyone to share .

                                                       A wife/better half is not just someone - she is someone who has left all her dreams ..all her friends ,,all her wishes ,all her wants ,,all her family ---to be part of her guy's life --nothing in this world can compare to that sacrifice a girl makes ---she leaves her own world to be part of a world she never grew up with ---i remember once reading sumwhere 

                                          "Adaptibility thy name woman "

                                                      cannot be put more apt really,sometimes i wonder seeing some wonderful women in my life --how much can they adapt without complaining much ---i can't imagine myself doing anything close to what they all do,they are indeed special ,very special. 

                                                    To the most wonderful girl who made my life a heaven ---who made my life a complete one --who loves me for all my flaws --who cares me beyond all my mistakes ---who keeps standing by me despite everything --who will always be a part of me till either  me /she parts away ---nothing in life comes close to give this satisfaction and peace to heart --  and importantly to the very heart which chose the woman of my dreams --thank you for choosing this wonderful person  -im indebted for life :)
                                               (   Its not only for married men ,its for every guy who is out there --i know the pain of being alone far too long than i wished ---remember vividly the countless nights i spent staring at the beach uttering nothing but gazing mllion questions  ---but just as the tide turns --life will turn for the good --sumwhere there will surely be  sumone born for u ---all you have to do is listen to those "two seconds"from your heart ,trust me you won't fail )

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