Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Women's Day --- Wish the Society I live could realise they are the major reasons we live ,love and smile !!!!!

"Just relive the most poignantly beautiful moments in your life --the chances of that involving a lovely mother ,a playful sister ,a caring bestie who happens to be a woman ,a smiling girlfrd or a caring simple yet kind better half ,and for many their beauitful unique little angel daughter giving him countless unforgettable moments -Woman are not only integral part of our lives --they are the reasons why we exist in this world -Without them there isn't life --with them by side everyone of us are givien the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest --Dedicated to all the wonderful woman i met in my life specially to my mother who not only gave me life ---but showed me what is life !!!!

  Many years back i remember talking with a wonderful woman who was always like a mentor to me in life who explained me in simple but unforgettable manner the silent sufferings a woman undergo

            " So ---tell me whats so special  about being a woman buddy "--Mines was meant to be just a irritable question  to play with a soul i rarely saw get irritated by anything in life --her reply then i never understood but as i grew old i got to know how much she really meant that day with her reply (shes no more but her memories live with me forever )

           "My Dreams Have wings yet im not able to fly --not even for a single minute 
             Being Woman is the best thing i always felt Buddy --but you know the sad part is I'm                never allowed to enjoy that feeling in this world "

Most of your goosebump reasons will have them as a unforgettable part --yet the society i live has not been a safe one for them to search their happiness or dreams without keeping eyes around them --i remember one of closest frds in girls saying to me painfully

           "Its damn hard to work in a office where some  people  dont see your face and talk "

Those words showed how hard it is for a girl to live her passion ---the eagle eyes never stopped staring at what they wanted to look at not caring about the voices of their strong hearts which  yelled in silence at them saying 

                      "Stop looking at her like that --she also has me ---a heart just like you do "

I'm a guy -yet i feel ashamed seeing a painful news every now and  then propping up showing how they are tortured to death ,butchered for no fault of theirs ,jewels stolen out of greed --the fault all those women did was being a woman --It pains me so much because I owe a lot to some wonderful woman ever imaginable .
             Born to the most wonderful woman i ever knew in life --the only human being i saw closest to God in real life --My Mother --She was not just a woman --She was a epitome of the word woman in my life-- A selfless ,ever caring ,humble ,ever lovable human being as all the mothers in the world are - With her around I never knew as a kid that i was growing up in a society which would eventually become less and less safer for a woman to live her dreams fearlessly.


I'm just a common man like million of us whose life was shaped by countless woman ---Son to a great mother who worked tirelessly all her life to give meaning to my life -Brother to a caring sister who i grew up with lot of smiles intervened by some tough moments --brother to some wonderful souls i found along the way --bestie to  one of the best human beings i knew in life --and husband to the only girl i loved in my life --(hopefully if lucky  sumday a father of a little angel :P).

Woman are the shining beacons of our life --our duty and responsbiltiy is to let them shine the brightest --for when they shine bright this world will always be a wonderful place to live ,love and smile .

Happy Women's Day  !!


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