Tuesday, July 10, 2018

After a point in life ,, you are just judged by wrong things and not for what u r - Doesnt matter-Just soldier on!!!!!

  " When i  was a kid life seemed like a circle where it was only about good
     When i grew up it was like a square where i ended up with good after bad times
      But now ,,,,its  like  a  never ending zig zag line !!!!"

 ( Disclaimer : To those who like only  feel good blogs and sugar coated lies plz skip this blog as this is strictly for fanatics who know the meaning of the word "LIFE")

                                     I'm gonna quote three different times in my life which has made me realise that there is nothing as fascinating as the life we live in --Our incidences may differ but the fascination of them are for one unique purpose only --to know the meaning why do we exist in this world .

28 th March ---- Some beautiful memories in the 90's--Nothing but love--Life as a circle  !!
                                       I had my best years in my life with the some of the most beautiful souls i ever knew in life ---i had a small family but as all of you a wonderful ,wonderful one ---as a kid the birthdays were the days u wait for the whole year ---i was no different but was different --i had no friends --i had my school teachers as my best friends and my family as the delightful star cast who celebrated my bday more than me -life was about smiling on the shoulders of my angel mom who knew nothing other than love for her children and family - she lived with me for such a short time but it was the best short time of my life with the person closest person to god in real life showing me life in the best meaningful way possible --my memories of that time have remained with me because all that i had were memories of ppl who gave me endless unconditional love .I had funny gifts like a green elephant from my dad --lifting me countless times --making me the happiest kid with the best memories of my life ,how i wish my life was stagnant then forever .But nothings lasts forever in life except "MEMORIES "!!

October 2002 - A lesson of endless love from a angel  -- When hope stayed through love !!!
                                           My last year in graduation was unexpectedly the most unforgettable -as i never knew i would say farewell to the angel of my life in the most brute manner possible --fate was trying to take my mother away swiftly --but what i witnessed was not just case of fate winning --it was a heroic fight of a love battle hardened woman who refused to be defeated by fate --because she had yet to witness her children settle down in life --she had yet to see her better half  grow old enuf to say gudbye --- one night in a famous hospital in chennai --while i was spending the night witnessing  her in bed in worsening health but refusing to show that to a young me --who thought waking up everythin would be fine --every single day --but that night i realised that not everythin is rosy in life -- i slept not knowing her endless pain but got to know the next day she did not want to disturb me in sleep --that was pure unconditional love --the last stages of unconditonal love i got in life was from the angel of unconditional love to all children --MOM ,But the untimely demise of my wonderful mom gave me different perspective of life through many friends --each of them showing a glimpse of the love i had got from the time i knew about myself .Life though in the most horrendous of times still showed me there is an oasis in such wretched times ,there was a feeling that despite everything love will prevail not anythin else ---only to be proved wrong later !!

Now,,,,,,,The realisation that it is not about love anymore --Its about Money ,Ego and Loneliness !!!
                                             After a certain point in life you realise that it is not about love in life anymore ---Something else would have overtaken that so silently and rudely --To put it in simple few lines i would like to quote

                  "  Your life now is about money you earn --ppl respect you accordingly
                      Your life is surrounded by people with egos bigger than you imagined
                      Your best friend is loneliness courtesy of those magical words "Money " and  "Ego"

                                             It hurts when your best mates judge you for money you earn --it hurts when respect is not about the person you are  --it hurts more when your best friend ditch you for a monster called "Ego" --it hurts when loneliness has put a arm around your shoulder and walks around as if it is your best friend.Life seems surely goin in a zig zag way with no destination at sight .

Yet ,,,,,Life will not end up this way i guess --as one of my best mates ( who lived all of 26 years,and sumone i wish i could have had now )  that keeps ringing me in my ears more than ever now

    " Life is like a butterfly - A butterfly may eventually look beautiful --but to reach that stage it has to go through so much transformation --like that you will have to go through endless peaks and troughs to know the real meaning of your life--No matter what happens --Life will go on !!!!



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