Sunday, April 3, 2011

Noone deserves this cup more than u -Sachin

                At last the cup has come home,,for millions this is sumthin to savour for lifetime ,,from every commoner to millionaire it is just most satisfyin day watchin Indias biggest sport-Cricket winning the world cup ,,and more than anyone one man deserves this -Sachin Tendulkar---i have seen him for all his cricket career ,,i became a fan from the moment he hit Abdul Qadir for 4 sixes in a match,,,But his life was always unique,

                For the best part of his first 10 yrs he was India's flag bearer --the lone fighter ,,a man with limited showoffs ,,but unlimited talent ---he chanelled his ego with grit on field ,,but there was  always a mark of him bein a legend who probably had his best moments realised in his dreams than field due to fate ,,he rarely failed in big tournamnets but was cited for failin of India,,Be it tht Edbagston Hundred,,That Chennai-masterpiece,,

                Two World cups--finishin highest run scorer,left stranded on 194 by his best cricketing great mate-Dravid,,,Humiliation in SA -96,Australia-99,not able to score 120 as a team in WI,Coutless more---any other guy would have quit but not this guy,,he heard they fixed match in Coca Cola Cup98--His response --U can Fix Matches Not Indians--An outrageous single hand 143 followed ,,,everyone else in cricket would have gone through many battles off the field from co sportsman--but here is a guy a true gentleman --a true human bein,,a simple man whose sincerity took him to stardom yet he never changed for 21 yrs ,,the smile of seein this magnificent cricketer whos is enjoyin a golden twilight was some sight to see yesterday,,,sumtimes dreams are realised if u dont give up ---and keep doin what god gave u day in and day out leavin the result to him,,God made him wait 22 years to realise a childhood dream,,,while the whole nation celebrates ,,,i among the millions feel absolutely thrilled and satisfied tht our true icon--our true gentleman--our Flag bearer will now have a smile tht he will never lose till he gets a call frm up--even then i doubt god will see him with the flag he and we all love most --Thanks Sachin-Its been a unforgettable journey and yest was the best !!!!