Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Monster called "Ego"

                  This is about my personal experiences and truth about something that has never had a answer at all,,why does people let ego to win their love and real feelings ---me including have been victims to this,,,and i know as long as the world exist it will never go,,i have wondered for the past 10 yrs,,i know sumone who did not see his mother for decades just because of few mistakes she did ,,now shes no more and he realises he made a mistake by refusin to forgive her for yrs ,,now he cant do tht ,,when tht person said tht ,,i also realise tht the number of persons i left stranded like tht ,,after all if u cant forgive the person whom u love or loved ,how can u love anyone truly ---noone is goin to live forever --tht attitude is very hard to cultivate,,,thing the hardest word in tis world is apology ,whether it is said or has to be said there is always a sense of denial ,,im no different ,,but i realised tht was a grave mistake some days back ,,bein sensitive and possesive are not excuses for hatred ,the perception of a human bein leavin his ego and comin to u is al it means abt apology--there is always a denial at first in any case,,,there is one famous sayin which i remem readin in younger days--we r all born alone--its just myth tht we create by makin frds and relationships-but the true meaning of life is never acceptin tht as a myth till our last breath--its one of my favourite lines,,but i have hardly followed ,,ego should never be like a shawdow ,,it should always be like  water for quenchin thirst ,use it when needed to quench thirst---there are sumthings in life which cannot be achieved without ego--like ambitions,like beating odds,,being urself at any cost,,like tht many,,,but once its overused u will know tht we r lonely--accepted no apologies are useful until they r mutual ,but tryin is the beginnin--how it goes is gods wish --i made the first kind of rectification in my whole life of this monster ,,but it did not bring good results ,,but as said,,tryin is the beginnin,,there is no gurantee it can brin joy always ,,but it does bring  peace tht maybe sumwhere life evens out ---until then we mite keep on tryin--because it is always wonderful to write  happy story which has a happ endin with a exclamatory than  a one line tht has a strong fulstop.This is nothin to do woth philosophy,,it sumthin i personally am bad at and tryin to rectify it by whatever means i can ,,mayeb sumday sumone else will know the real meanin of what it is to have sumone than to lose sumone to this controllable monster "ego",,it mite sound rubbish but i bet not one among you who would refuse the problems created by it are countless ,painful and though rectifyable never understandble ,,


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