Monday, August 15, 2011

"Freedom ---A Wider Perspective "

                             15th Aug 1947 --forever will be etched as the most important date in our Nations history ,,Mother India became independant with efforts from millions of people sacrificing their lives and therefore giving us a free and democratic country ,,but the real question is  have we realised their dreams ,,r we using the freedom they struggled so hard to build a India they so dearly wanted long after they had gone ??
                    *   Freedom as visualised by the great ppl of past included India moving forward ,,but we try in  one  way or other to pull each other back thereby not letting India to grow ,every govt that comes in finds out the fault of the previous one or one against but there are no concrete plans given for the country to move forward ,whether in state or centre ,,same story ,,and if sumone raises the concern ,,hes beaten to pulp or ignored to hilt , One word may aptly mean what we are doin -Is it "Selective Democracy-Probably Yes is the answer  ,,Freedom doesnt mean to have the freedom to have our identities restored safely ---we did not get freedom for singular identity surely.      
                    *    A journalist in this free india---Mr,J.Dev a investigating reporter for a newspaper voiced his concern over crimes of underworld was shot dead in broad daylight --freedom of voicing true concerns is not allowed and it comes at a price of losing life!!
                   *    Anna Hazare - a renowned social activist,,a padma bhushan award winner for his services,,a Gandhian,voice his concern over corruption and took protest against corruption in non violence way (i dont support idiots like ramdev ) hes being --as on date being stopped from all his efforts by the ruling govt ,,pathetic ,,  freedom for taking steps to reform a  major issue spoilin our nation  from a  highly respected individual is  condemned    
Irom sharmila -
                  * How many of us know know IROM SHARMILA??The iron lady of manipur --she is in indefinite fast for 10YEARS ASKING   FOR ELIMINATING A CONTROVERSIAL LAW that saw her village ppl being mowed by police and illtreated including raping and killing  girl in her place--the price for her struggle ,,she has been arrested numerous times and law still exist--Independant India is suppressed by such poor actions for fight against unjust ---Remember Gandhiji and so many of freedom fighters fought for independance because of unjust treatment ,,,yet when the same is being rendered in parts of India nowadays  ,,,we are just witnesses doin nothin
                   Were we granted freedom to develop hatred ,caste wars,be witness to all wrong doings ,to be clients of corrupted ppl?or accept idiots like Ramdev and Nityananda( as people higher than us (Im not here to hurt intentions of people who follow them but i post a video of that Nityananda here to show that its not just me who is against ppl like this ),the saddest thing is we cant use our freedom to fight against unjust ,,fight against our fear to use our rights is freedom in a way ,,individual priorities make us fear of any bad eventuality ,,but if we dont use our freedom to fight agains.t such happenings ,,then our future generation will have no freedom to do anythin,,they will be mere slaves to such people ,,do we want that state?
                    Freedom was hard earned ,,Mother India was independant after monumental struggle ,,millions of people sacrificed their lives with the belief that their vision of a beautiful bright India will be realised by future generations ,,We are now one among the future generations but have we done enuf to make them happy ,,,have we done our bit to fight our fears and stand for just ?,,,the day we realise freedom is standing for just ,,the day we realise freedom is fighting our fears and execute our rights and care for each other,therby lifting our country to heights which those great people envisioned will be the day all their sacrifices would become meaningful in the real sense  ,,probably its one of most impossible tasks ever ,,,  So what even our freedom was thought to be so by foreigners ,,we got freedom by the hardest way possible ,now its left to us to do it the harder way to make sure all the efforts of our heroes is not wasted by us,,We may go,,but as long as the world exist we should make  Mother India shine  as brightly as possible and celebrate as many independance days  probably as long as the world exist,,

"I Promise to do my bit --Proud to be a Indian,Long live my Mother India  -Jai Hind !!!!"

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  1. Very inspiring..I loved the last sentence in ur blog and I totally accept and give my contribution to Mother India..Jai hind !!!