Friday, August 12, 2011

We Guys have our moments in sunshine despite the gloom !!!

                            There are not enuf praises to talk about women alrite ,,but we need sum sunshine sumtimes ,lol,,,Guys --epitome of the word responsibility --Tommorow is rakshabandan --i was wondering how much it is appreciated for the efforts of guys in this world ,,minimal ,very minimal ,,just even imagining how much pressure   a guy soaks up  once he crosses the teens is unimaginable
                            They say a girls heart is the deeper than a ocean ,,but i would say the hearts of guys are like the skies which are always so clearly visible ,,both are unique thats why the world maybe a tough place to exist but nevertheless a interesting one ,,for most part guys --we dream of so many things --but as life goes with responsibility we leave the dreams and live in what is given or forced to live with what life is serving ,,the hardest part in life is living a life forced of fate and seein our dreams slowly fade along with the breeze ,,its that tough being a male .
                         Dads wants sons to be better than them in the field they shine or wished to shine  ,,in a way the pressure ,responsibility starts from there ,,once u cross 10 u r expected to be matured,, once u cross 15 u r expected to manage few ppl ,,once u cross 20 u r expected not to cry,,,then not to show emotions ,,if u dont fit the bill anywhere u r viewed as a irresponsible ,careless ,,attitude showin person,,it really is,,personally felt few of them ,,thats why i feel sumtimes so proud to be a guy ,,because we stand in front of a storm knowing it will take us away sumday ,,sumhow ,,still we dont show our backs ,,as a old  sayin,,"Be a man as u r ",,
                          Yes we see life before marriage as a opportunity to look into every girl we encounter as a hope of sumthin spl ,,nothin wrong ,,thats how our hormones work ,,not our fault ,,but in 99 percent of them we know its just a nice good person to know  ,,except for the 1 percent where we feel "this is the girl " --and then comes the drama of fate ,,only very few get the chance to live a life with them ,,others dont and they  adjust their  minds to reality and spend a life with sumone else ,,we are not allowed to emote ,,but the pains stay deep,,,yet we live a life and give it a good shot ,,be true to the one we are fixed ,,and till the final breath carry the memories in mind and give a smile to conceal the pain
                        Its hard to be a dad ,a brother ,a husband ,,a responsible son,,at all these roles guys encounter losses of sumthin all life yet nothin derails us from achieving the purpose of every individuals life,,,devoid of living the life with the girl u wish ,,takin away the sister with whom u live for 25 years --try whatever after that even sisters become another family --the family torch is passed to guys in hope they carry it with pride and better fame and name ,im sumone who always had always been in awe of the sacrifices girls make and have great respect for  them --- they make a guy sumone in this society ,,but for that guy to be that sumone everyone wishes ,,its aint that easy ,,"our sacrifices are rarely known ,,our emotions are best expressed in the mirror of our washrooms ,,for sum in the cars in long distance night drives all alone ,,our tears are confined to ourselves ,,our pains confined to darkness ,,,our love as another dream ,,our affection for our sisters with a time limit to show ,,our dreams dying at the hands of harsh reality ,,but yet we carry on--to make others happy ,better ,,at the least comfortable !!!
                     From a guy who has felt every bit of words written above yet feel so proud to be a guy --its a privilege to live with responsibility and care even if it comes at cost of our dreams and happiness ,,,Still its a pleasure being one among them  :)

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