Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"I Will Miss U Always But Im Letting U Go -My first Step Without U begins Now "

                   " Memories either move u forward or pull u to standstill completely"

                   "I miss her so much bro i cant do anythin"--- I heard this from one of my frds brother few weeks back  who had broken with his girlfrd of 4 yrs --and i could see literally what he was meaning when i met him then ,,He was suffering with pain,broken heart ,,life was a hazy mist for him then when i saw --actually it is couple of months since then ,,i saw him again this past weekend ---nothing had changed --he had quit his job --refused to go and meet his parents who lived far away ---in short he brought his life to standstilll for missing sumone
                 Missing sumone is part of life in everyones case,,the relationship may differ ,sum may miss their dear ones who lost their lives,,some their love ,,thats how the world works,,, there is not one soul in the whole world who lives without missin sumone dear ,I felt the same thing sumwhat related to me personally as well ,,,Yes truly and dearly the most important person i miss is my mom --but i have always felt though i miss her like hell ,,i felt she was with me always ,,and it only propelled me to be a better person,,but there is one another person whom i miss hell a lot ,,my days dont end without her thought even once -- but sumtimes u need to see life in its own perspective
               Missing sumone is probably harder than any feelin in the world ,,,to miss sumone in first place u must have loved them that much ,only our hearts can explain why we felt that wonderful with that person because no logical and analytical analysis wil give the right answer for that,we dont miss everyone we know--there will be very very special cases,,some special people with whom we had shared some wonderful moments ,,some magical moments ,,whatever the cause of missin that person,break up,deceased ,anger ,ego ,,anythin,,,the best way appreciating that wonderful bonding --the best way to pay tribute to the relationship is "MOVING AHEAD WITH THOSE HAPPY MEMORIES"
             Personally i have had this feeling ,,this pain,,this feeling of sumthin tragical has happened when i least expected to--Im missin sumone badly --but why im left to gaze the skies for a answer?why im being left to feel as if my life has come to a standstill sumtimes ?-----Today i found a answer to that --"Im carryin sumone else alongwith me --more than what i could "---in reality im in danger of losing my dreams and not giving myself  a chance to achieve sum great ppls dreams who hoped i might try to realise them never mind achieving them ,My moms absence was just physical ,,but this feels mental ---the only way forward is "LETTING U GO "
            While its hard to convince sumone else on this ,,but its not hard for me to try and implement the same ,,i might not have helped him much -,,but i realised there is a way for everythin and not everythin that happens in the world is implausible--there is a reason for everythin --if i miss u now --it may be a reason fr finding sumone who was destined to be with me --maynot be a special sumone but a unique sumone .
          So i decided after long thought --"I will miss u like hell--there wont be another like u --but i want our frdship have the real respect it deserves --Im"LETTING YOU GO "from me --thanks for the memories --i have treasured them --now its time to move on and find more treasures like u-who knows whats in store -my dreams are waiting for me to start persuading them again,,im starting again with just  clean air in my lungs -of course i will miss u forever --and a few others but  from now on nothing will stop me tryin to go for my goals :)

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