Saturday, August 27, 2011

" Humanity should prevail--Hanging is inhuman "

"The painful scene --the pain will remain but is hanging the convicts  the medicine to this pain-rather prefer to leave it to almighty "
                       " A humble heartfelt thought--Why not give a opportunity to the convicts to live their lives  --let them learn their lesson rather than us tryin to teach them "

                        "May 21 -1991"--A black day in Indian history --Rajiv gandhi--one of indias brightest prospects of a leader,former prime minister then,was so cruelly killed in a bomb blast ,,the pictures of the assasinated leader lingers in our minds 20 years after the incident ,,The people associated for the cruel incident were found and arrested soon,,three of the convicted are supposed to be hanged soon,,is it right ?thats the question that seems to linger in our minds
                         Not without reason --though im against the convicts claimin innocence --its atrocious to be claiming that as evidence have been concrete enough ---the point is that having being confined to the darkness of a room,,having been cut off from family ,,cut off totally from outer world ,,left to regret their mistakes for 20 long years --every day ,every minute would have gone with the pain of being part ofsumthing wrong if it is the truth--they must have done soul searching for 20 long years ,,having lost their youth their dreams ,,with just a unknown world to accompany them ,,would it not be right to give a flicker of  hope that the same persons may come out and live the rest of his /her life in a better reformed way
               "Let the human life complete it due course --why do sumthing when it is meant to happen in sum point of everyones life--truth is we did not enter the world at our wishful time why is it we must fix a time for sumones end--there is sumone who takes care of that of every human being in this world--GOD..we are humans --if we cant show care,kindness, and most  importantly "FORGIVENESS"--then whats the point of living  a life,,the crime is of the highest order but what is the message are we giving out to future people by acting so inhuman ??
              Rajivji was one of my favourite leaders in my young age ,,i admired his charmed personality ,,his talks,,it was a shock to millions like me who admired the great leader ,it hurts that his life was cut short so mercilessly, --it was a sad reoccurence of personal revenge taken upon him much in the same way of his mother Shrimati.Indira Gandhi ,,while we all carry the pain its just not right to have "revenge for revenge "feeling,,because if we do this all we are certifyin that,,
              I feel if we give a opportunity to them sumwhere we might start sumthin good ,,it should not be of the attitude "We are goin to teach a lesson to the person who is convicted by hanging"rather it should be  "why not allow the person to learn his lesson"--i wish it was so because sincerely dont wish to see this as a continuin trait in our country which is known for showing humanity and kindness ,,taking a life should not be in our hands --its left to GOD---and its left to him to show his kindness to these tortured souls and give them a opportunity to live a better life --all i can do is hope and pray to him !!!

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