Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Bday Mom -The Greatest Human Being i Knew In My Life !!!

My Mother ----Happy 54 th Bday --On this day a few thoughts about u
       What was with those mesemerising eyes --everytime i saw them i saw only love !!
       Why was that face never a angry one --for the whole time i saw u i never saw one!!
       How was that smile so angelic for 21 years i was with u --never changed once !!
       How can it be true that i can still smell ur fragrance when i think about u ??
       I live the same life but why did it seem so magnificent then when u were there?
      Why you never forced me to do something for your wish --you had every right to do so!!
      Where was the magic wand i never saw that made me glue to your saree forever
      Why is that i dont remember much of my childhood without you ?
      Why you lifted me and walked  for 50 steps for 1 month  in school when i could not walk?
      Where was the confidence in me come from when i was anything but confident ?
      How were you patient endlessly despite getting pestered even at night 3 o clock for food?
                --perhaps u were just being what mothers are -u were just amazingly humble  always !

                   Now as a 30plus guy  with responsibilities and growing up in demanding lifestyles it makes me feel priveleged to have had that sort of person as  my mother --Yes i have tortured childishly ,i have pestered you endlessly --i have shouted you ---scolded you innocently --demanded more from you so much --yet why is that i cant realise one time u reacted against my seemingly stupid silly behaviours ,,Its just amazing how a mother treats her children --Only you mothers can do that --accept all our stupidity ,,ignore our silly behaviours ,smilingly waiting for us to grow !!

                  Ten years have gone since you left for your eternal voyage --but every year u seem fresher in my memory than the previous one --and every birthday of urs  it seems a voyage to my happiest years --returning to the best years of my life with the greatest human being i ever knew momentarily bringing those happiest smiles that sumhow i never felt again --maybe being part of a miracle made me forget that !!

                 These 10 yrs --i have yet to find a whole day of good food --i have yet to find sumeone whom u dreamed of being with me now--i m yet to find that special person who could end my loneliness --im yet to give life to few of my promises i made u --but what i have learnt without ur presence is immense --the value of life --the value of respecting people with true heart --value of never hurting sumone knowingly  --and most of all  "i have learnt to celebrate the life of a marvellous soul than to cry every day for not having u "
                When u went i felt u would hear me only if i cry --then i realised my silence could reach u --now i know u r with me always --even now whilst i write this i feel ur presence sumwhere around me with that angelic smile  --"To celebrate Life of Mom --Is like celebrating life itself"without u there is no life for me after all --:),,Thanks ,,Miss u and love u hell a lot

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