Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sumtimes You Just Dont Hope -You "BELIEVE"

                              As i returned after a happy evening outing ---i had a different idea of life than one i had couple of hrs earlier --as i write it feels good though nevertheless
" Im happy that im a loner now --i fear noone --my pains dont scare me anymore
   I know my path ahead is long and barren -- My Eyes Are Sore But Im not blind
   I dont have a shoulder to fall upon---i dont need one anymore
   I love you but i dont need you anymore --maybe its time
   Time to await some strangers --find unheard happiness
   After all its my world --my life --I can leave it just as black or white
   Or fill them with colours -Maybe it all begins again as a loner again
   Here begins my journey for the first colour for my rainbow of my life !!!!!
   "Sumtimes you just dont hope you "BELIEVE "

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