Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Gandhiji -A True Leader "

                   "Whatever you do will be  insignificant but its very  important u do it "
                                                                                             -- Mahatma Gandhi
           If ever you decide to read a autobiography of a great person --then make sure u read "My Experiments with The Truth "-M.K.Gandhi--i bet you cannot find a more sincere and authentic explanation of life as it is than Gandhijis masterpiece --A must read -for the betterment of life and way you wanna see life ,,truly one of the most fascinatiing pieces of insight into a persons life as it is - He truly deserves the respect he has earned that will remain forever the same .
                                                          The first memory of Gandhijis influence in my life came when i was very young --i saw a frd of mine in a fancy dress competetion dressed up like Gandhiji --and all the while we were all clapping making fun noises --giggling --suddenly the moment his name was announced -there was pin drop silence ---it left me wondering --what happen --It was of "Respect " the great man had earned in his life that people ,generations later respected what he had done in his life -- "The man who conquered his inner weaknesses "--i got fascinated ever since and have taken my time to read articles and news about him even though im a self acknowledged pathetic reader ,lol.
                                                          Many of our generations just know his heroic struggles against the british --his nonviolence --but to reach that state --only reading the life history and the events that transpired in his early life will u realise how much he had to struggle to overcome his own demons --sumthing which he refers as "Evil what we see outside is a reflection of evil and weakness inside oneself"---That the relevance of Gandhiji to our people was never in question before us and will never be for centuries is a absolute testament of quite a remarkable person the world had ever seen
                                                       Yes it’s a truth that Mahatma Gandhi did wrong things like eating meat and lying to his mother about it. He used to smoke and he himself admitted that he was a jealous husband. But he stopped them as soon as he realized it was wrong. When he lied to his mother about eating meat he felt guilty and promised to himself that he will never take meat again. Before going to London he took a vow that he will never touch wine, women and meat. He lived up to his promises ,probably for anyone aspiring to rise above their inner weaknesses and demon there is probably no better example than our "Father of our nation".
                                                       Gandhiji was afraid of public speaking. He was very shy. He gave up a case because he did not have the courage to speak. Because of his shyness it was becoming hard for him to continue his practice as a barrister. Later on, in South Africa Mahatma Gandhi was able to overcome his shyness.Another prime example of belief ,conquering inner demons ,Sumtimes in our constant struggle to rise above inner demons we need sumthing more than inspiration and strength --a practical guidance to tackle the weaknesses -probably thats where Gandhiji's life becomes a wonderful help to see life with better belief and a deep sense of clarity of where we stand .
                                                       To write about him it may require 1000's of pages --his life is a  book for everyone-- To live a life with utmost sincerity --The discipline ,--the dedication in life -the guts to accept his mistakes and rectify them --refine himself of his shortcomings --the tremendous self control he held for his whole life -everything seems unbelievably remarkable yet so real!!His autobiography makes a huge statement on how sumone who was on the way to being another imperfect man went on to become the most ardent example  for perfection by self control and belief --his life eventually has become the most inspiring example for generations to follow --for me that particular point "that u need not be born perfect to be perfect is the example,inspiration and motivation required  for anyone to follow and  strive to make  some of their impossible dreams in life a reality.
                                                        His influence is  just not abt book in my life --i still remember very fondly --the best incident in my education life came in my 11th standard -when asked suddenly by my then Eng Teacher --i had to choose a topic of my liking of some historical person--i went to the stage and i went point blank and the first image pf a historical person--the first image of a leader was Gandhiji --i spoke about his role in then improving the status of women in society --till that very moment i was unsure to even talk before a group of people but the appreciation after i had done my speech -(even though the presentation was not a great one )-was in genuine respect of acknowledgment from all of a great leader --almost everyone was feeling the same --the admiration seemed endless --the respect genuine --he has strolled generations and will stroll thousands  of years to come -An inspiration,a terrific role model,beyond everything he will always be "A True Leader "


  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

  2. Thanks a lot arya -really it means hell a lot -Thanks for taking your precious time and writing feedback !!