Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Depression -One of the biggest challenges in life "

Recently a article on sad demise of  Varsha -noted singer Asha Bhonsle's daughter was found out to be a suicide most probably of depression for which she was undergoing treatment -May her soul  rest in peace.
                                    The supposed reason "Depression"is often reason for many a downfall ,,many years before when i asked probably the only person i never saw depressed in a whole short lovely life

 "I have never seen u depressed ,,How come ?"--She replied "If you mean depression as devoid of happiness --I Have enough happiness --if u mean depression as excess of sadness --I will never be that sad  "--Sumthing i have never been able to find  such a balance in my life --Depression has been always the uncalled guest who i have had to find a right  reason essentially everytime  to chase out quickly to prevent getting engulfed .

                                      In my young age i had wondered why do famous people get affected by depression --I still remember very well during my  schoollife i became a big fan of "Princess Diana "--I was mesmerised by how beautiful sumeone could look -Her rude ending felt like pure unjust --but as years went by i happened to read a few articles on her which described how much she had been suffereing from depression in her life for long time -For years, the public believed that Diana was living a fairy tale life, married to her real life Prince Charming. However, this was far from the truth. According to "Diana: The Last Word" by Simone Simmons, late in her first pregnancy Diana threw herself down a staircase trying to draw attention to her pain. She said of the incident, "I wanted Charles to put his arms around me and say he loved me, but all he ever did was give me a pat on the back." In a 1995 interview conducted by the BBC, Diana revealed that she had suffered from post-natal depression after her first son, Prince William was born. She admitted to self-injuring due to the pressure she felt trying to adapt to her role as Princess of Wales, but said it backfired since rather than getting her the help she needed, it made people believe she was attention-seeking and unstable. She also confessed to secret binging and purging of food to help her deal with her marriage problems,
                                      Famous or not --depression seems inevitable --Thanks to a wonderful family and pretty careless attitude in my early years i hardly had to encounter the real meaning until the sudden demise of my angelic mom --i spiralled into depression that took couple of years to get back to look into life for better brighter things --Two Long Years -years which made me realise life has its own ways ---and on most times it isnt what u visualised -the prolonged depression --took my magical fantasies ,,my eternal dreams were just blown away along with that period ,,i dont remember battling anything so fiercely in my life ever since that  first rude introduction - ever since even though i have not been hampered so badly as that instance i have been goin through stages where i would border on dangerously engulfed by depression but i always felt it as one of the biggest challenges offered by god ever since i heard those magical words from that frd
          "Being depressed makes me forget to appreciate that im alive 
            God has given me reasons to feel depressed -i found one reason not to be so 
            At the end of day whatever u do in ur life is ur choice "
                                            Today  my heart after every failure feels the pain and has a endless attraction to get depressed like those two years again --but the words of that friend --coupled with a fierce will to achieve few dreams -my promises to my mom on her final days --keeps me going sumhow --sumtimes it is not a choice of whether u can --its just "u have to ".
                                               Depression should be kept as a shawdow --because then only u will see the road ahead clear without obstruction --the moment u allow depression to become more than a shawdow and allow urself to be engulfed then everythin happening would become questionably pessimistic --front it up as one of the biggest challenges --never underestimate your   fighting capabilities --as one saying goes


                                               The next time you feel depressed just believe you can find a reason not to feel so ---no matter if you fail 1000 times u will suceed --who knows the miracle we wish to see might be ourselves ----:P:P

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