Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its Alright To Be Imperfect!!!

"Mistakes should be taken as a footprints on the shore of a sea --footprints are untraceable  once a wave hits the shore -so should be a mistake !!! "

                                         That is how precisely it is --you can blame it on society -surrounding--living environment --caste differences --or watever --but it is a undeniable truth--i have wondered what theory made us implement this subject --but this has been in many cases the core issue between lots of people --i always saw this as a hazy picture as i myself was involved in quite few peculiar instances in life where the first mistake was seen as a unacceptable flaw--sumtimes ending in tears --sometimes in anger -sometimes in pain --the last such loss made me realise that " A Mistake is the easiest thing to identify and hardest thing to forgive "-that night made me just wonder "Why do people expect us to be flawless and perfect always --Is there not a way to accept imperfections --Maybe a case to accept flaws are part of relationships and frdships "
                                         "Being perfect has its flaws "- to form any frdship and relationships it takes years--so many sacrifices --built on the base of strong hope and built on stronger belief --it should be the unbreakable sky scraper but it ends up being a stacked pack of cards ready to be shattered by one piece of stone ,how odd that the exact last part overhauls the entire beauty of a relationship or frdship .
                                          Expectations are never wrong --but after certain point of time expectations has to be suppressed by understanding --that is where things go wrong --a wife/girlfrd expects a husband/boyfrd to love her as he did when he saw her first time --she never understands that husband or a boyfrd after a stage feels comfortable of being reserved ,less expressive beleiving he would be understood --parents keep expecting hell a lot from their kids -sumtimes not realising it is  beyond realms of possibility --even best friends miss out on the simple fact

       " To expect is nature but that is not gud enough reason for failing to understand "
                                          Its better to accept imperfections --its better to stick together with people whom u have felt heaven --with whom you have smiled without reason--with whom you have shared happiness --the only way love can last a entire life is to accept the other person is bound to have flaws that will prop up as time goes ---Inevitable ? --yes --Unacceptable? --No.
                                         A relationship is built on hell a lot of compromises --a frdship is built on hell a lot of hopes ---the joy of living a life in earnest hope and belief lies in patience --and very importantly the ability to accept imperfections -- To be anything otherwise is like 
       " Trying to catch water using a fish net in a pond ---u will always end up with only fishes
        We are bound to be flawed --everyone of us --the only way u can find a way is to
        Accept your loved one's imperfections "
" I have never been flawless --just that it took me years to accept i can never be one --so is the world"

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