Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If This Is The Best We Could Offer Then-A Bleak Future Awaits!!!

                         " If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. -------George Washington --America's First President "
           “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”-- Mahatma Gandhiji
                                For the first time in my life i had doubts of writing anything --Writing has been my biggest passion --I fell in love with words when i knew nothing --My lifes most magical moments have been  interwinged by words --i connected with people so far away only through these wonderful words --My soulmate ,,My best frds --I have found a brother worthy of my  dream of this only --all unseen but connected to my heart through words --thats everything what i wished  --But today i feel its not the best thing to have ---I feel more and more insecure by the very feeling there is hardly anything called as freedom of expression in the largest democratic country in the world i live -- My India ,,Atleast events suggest it has been snowballing slowly so that we are in position to set a bad precedent to our next generations .
                                       I wanna make it clear im not arguing for any side of the incident that transpired but my biggest concern is the dwindling freedom of expression in our country the following incident is not just the first case in recent memory ,Just the facts and my humble perspectives as a individual
                                    Consider this happening with the following link that describes exactly what i mean

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_expression_in_India . 

                                     If someone for example exhibits a derogatory expression on someone he /she dislikes then it can be considered as something to be condemned/countered  but to consider it as a crime/a arrestable offense --cmon then you are literally questioning the mere existence of democracy in our country --Yes people who express their views on public issues need to be responsible enough --to understand that to express doesnt mean you have liberty to write anything you want - but to be frank ---a 21 year old has to be given some leeway that she is a 21 yr old at the end of day -An open apology was not enough -To punish her to this extent seems bordering on the extreme level of atrociousness,,Grossly unfair to her future --Imagine how her day to day life would have changed after this ---She would be in limelight for all wrong reasons --Whatever the issue is to arrest someone who has merely liked a status message borders on scratching of any democratic values that every Indian is proud to be part of living in this magical part of world where emotional values are given the prime importance .
                                  Few months back this happened based on a "tweet"

                                 Arresting someone based on a tweet ---gimme a break i thought that time .The case was almost similar to this one  .
                                "   My point is not to argue of what has happend  for it is impossible to know the real facts to give a concrete answer for the incidents --nor can it be the base for any assumption --my worry is the future that seems bleak of all these incidents --What happens to the lot of  aspiring writers ,excited tweeters ,wishful facebookers in this country---What is the message that is being sent to them ??--
         *  That he/she cannot put ur views just because someone may not like it and you might have to suffer the wrath of them ?
         *  That he/she is always endangered by the prosperity of being under scrutiny thereby losing the freedom of speech and expression they have ?
         *   That even a apology sometimes may not be enough for a innocent mistake ?
         *   That he/she will always have to believe there is just one perspective and one perspective only of a sensitive issue that they have to comply no matter what ?
                                 How many endless questions they will have  as such --and it is only matter of time that people will be constrained from voicing  their opinion just because a few people might not like them --constrained in every form of expression just because the opinion served out is not the one they wanted !!!
                                "You take what u want and leave what u dont "
                                  My sincere feeling is there are thousands of  aspiring writers in this world --there are thousands of  orators in this world --people do this for passion mostly --some end up taking it as professional jobs ---to view a opinion as a irrevocable crime is not a end to any problem --after all you cant prove everything right or wrong as per your wish --the presence of right and wrong is actually a reflection of perspectives --Ignoring is the best answer to something you dont like --to show the whipping powers you might possess to quash a individual 's view is being grossly unfair
                                  What is life if everyone has the same opinion ?--If u cant appreciate criticism then u cant be a critic either --All you do is just become a nodding doll whose only pupose is to just nod the head for everything so as to satisfy everyone concerned --Imagine such a world --it would be the worst place you wish never to be ---What we do now is the seed for our future --and if it goes on like this then our future will be like people born with mute buttons in their mind ---Freedom of speech and expression is very important for developing a individual -therby being part of a developing society --To stop tthe individual is like stopping the development of a society .
                                  Still believe there are  far too many educated people and calm headed leaders all over our country to prevent such a state in the foreseeable future --Anything less might hinder our growth --Because as they say
                                   "If this is the best we can offer then it is just not good enough "
                                   (  *** Written entirely based  on my own thoughts --no way meant to hurt anyone - if so it is highly regretted --freedom of expression was what made me choose to exhibit happily my passion of writing --all i wish is for it to exist for all the right reasons --The torch has to be passed to next generations with more hope and belief -the purpose of this blog is only that ***)

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