Monday, December 31, 2012

Maybe The Best Year For All Of Us ,,,,,Happy New Year !!!

           " What's in store who knows but lets be  game on for the best new year yet in our  lives"
             "   How many things have happened i "Wonder"
                          Endless points to "Ponder" !!
                Its time to have a heart that is happy to "Give"
                                Mistakes to "Forgive" !!
                Its time to smile more often than "Not"
                                Tears a forgotten "Lot" !!
                Its time to play the name of a game called "Happiness"
                         To overcome a opponent called "Sadness"
                Its time to forget what happened because past is "History"
                         Future -a place of happy "Mystery"
                Its time to wish for optimistic Mornings
                         To never end in pessimistic Evenings"
                                              Three near missed accidents--Countless heartbreaks --lonely nights -scary truths -terrible fears intermitted by some sizzling happy moments -sterling motivations -blossoming love - heart warming friendship --and few new beautiful little angels --2012 has had everything --to judge it as good or bad is the last thing i wanna do--All i hope is for wonderful 2013
Keep hoping --Start believing - 2013 maybe the best year we have had --A big Cheers and a even big thumbs up --Welcome 2013 !!!!!


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