Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Everyone Dies Not Everyone Lives --Ur Life Will Never Be Forgotten -RIP Brave Girl" !!

       "Why is our India called as Mother India"???--I remember asking this to my teacher at a very young age --and ever since i have remembered the reply --

          "For Indians, their motherland represents more than a piece of land. They see India with the love, respect and awe of a real mother. In many ways, their sentiments are not ill-founded."

           I think u must have seen the picture of Mother India in your younger days --I have always had goosebumps while i was being taught of this or even now while i hear about my country  i have felt the pride every single time .But when I saw the picture of the brave girl who was disintegrated by barbaric men I felt hell a lot of sadness in my heart,then the news of more women tortured in various part of India felt terrible by every passing  minute.
            The truth is if we all consider our country as our mother --then we are all her sons and daughters ---On seeing the endless news of girls from infants to teens tortured --abused and in some cases murdered it leaves a bad feeling that things are going from bad to worse ,
                          " As another wonderful innocent life is cruelly nipped at bud ---a life so cruelly ended at 23 --in the early hours of today --Mother India keeps losing its daughters --- To say everything will be alright in few days is like cheating ourselves --because unless there is sumthing done to stop such actions --unless we believe that we have a active role in trying to stop this sort of incidents --unless there is stronger law to make such hearltess men think twice --things wont change --tommorow it might be someone from people u know,i know  --we need not be superman all we need is to be true to our heart and believe we have a role in reforming this situation .
                            " When the girl passed away another daughter of Mother India has been disintegrated --another flower nipped in bud --it feels like a  book having cruelly its pages torn before unravelling its beauty to the world -- I dont know why but i got the feeling "My Mother India is weeping helplessly "daughter after daughter --loss after loss --yet nothing has been done and probably nothing will be done - Is it not our duty to make this place --this wonderful country a safer place for women of this generation and future generations?
To that wonderful sister of mines who passed away today ;
                                        Rest In Peace Sister --- Today this whole Nation mourns ur wonderful  journey of yours cut short by cruel human beings  --Your bravery will be talked for yrs ---Your death has awaken so many of us --This is blackest day i have known in my life for sumone i never knew --i feel my responsibility increased --for the first time i had tears for sumone i never knew ---Your life will not be forgotten --Maybe today this country is not secured for women --its like they r ready prey for remorseless men--but there is no denying the fact that time will change this fact  --maybe just maybe your life will be the one that revolutionised a sagging country which has slowly watched helplessly at atrocious crimes --maybe its time this country awoke to this increasing number of heartless activities --You are safe at where you are now -- there is noone to torture you--there is noone to helplessly question you even after you were torn to pieces(she had given statements twice to magistrate --TWICE despite her condition)--For all your suffering and heartache --your soul deserves to rest in peace --even if u have lived there is no gurantee you might have seen anything different in this endless patient country of mines --it sucks to say so but that is the truth .
                                  All i wish is such incidents never to occur --I wish the future generations is not shown our "Mother India "--and explained as the country which was insecured for women --as a proud Indian --As a son of this wonderful nation --i wish never to be there to  see or hear the same  one  day --it appears though the day is fast approaching :( --Maybe its time my country awoke --because if at all there was a need to stand up against dangerous crimes  it is right now ---after all if a girl cant go out fearlessly in our country what's the use in priding ourselves that we got freedom when women are confined helplessly to cruel activities.I have no words to describe the pain my heart feels now .I hope things change and i feel my hope is seen as  a must to save this country's pride
          "RIP Brave girl --Everyone dies --not everyone lives --ur life will never be forgotten "


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