Saturday, December 8, 2012

"There Is A Dawn To Be Seen Despite Any Pain"

         *****   "Tears try to rush out --heart pleads for the same -the mind remembers one great incident by one great soul" *****
                             There are days in ur life when u wish the day never dawned or u had skipped that day ---Some days u feel life is the most cruel villain in this world --Speechless by couple of rude incidents --i gazed up the stars standing motionless -"I have had days when i have had pains as do millions of us ---but there are ridiculous days like these when it feels as if the pains has escalated beyond the skies --the exact time u wanna say "Gosh it is unbearable pain "-How do i handle this --My first tear tried to escape from my eyes --I have no shoulder to cry --no soulmate to behold me --i felt as though im carryin another me ---it felt that heavy ---and as i was about to burst out loud i remembered one incident --one magical incident which made me think there is no unbearable pain in this world
The Incident which showed what it means to never give up ---
                             One cold November morning ,2002--a wonderful soul suffering from endless physical pains --pains which no painkiller could kill --the tears of that excess pain --countless injections piercing that tender body --drips runnings all along --with no energy in the body --voice breaking up --with a young innocent son who was just 20 then knowing nothing about this cruel world --who knew nothing about the concealed pain of that wonderful soul - a son who innocently believed soon that great lady will walk him to his house hugging him --that great lady knowing it was her last few days even with that real unbearable pain which the doctors later confirmed as really no painkiller could kill --woke up a many nights to help that son sleep peacefully by sayin "Im fine"every hour to a slightly scared son --a great lady who concealed that unbearable pain cruelly inflicted by fate to ask that son her usual questions "Had Food Son","Have a blanket and sleep "--that son known to have a allergy to hospitals was comforted by that great mother despite her  approaching inevitable cruel end and unbearable pain -- she made a promise  to her son despite everything that fate offered to her  "Listen --I know u r scared --Just remember this mom will do everything she could do to walk with u back to our house -I Promise --saying she held his hand and said  "Sleep I Will watch u till u sleep "--The son woke up in the morning her mom watching him one whole night with many painkillers failing to do the job --eyes swollen of tears of pain--Her tired body was aching to bits but not for one minute she showed that pain --nothing stopped her from showing her endless love --nothing stopped her willpower to withstand a whole night of pain to see her son sleep in comfort .

                                  She fell unconsious the next day and never woke up to see the world -she never walked back with her son to their house -fate had won -death hung its head in shame for claiming such a wonderful soul so early --but the son never felt the real magnamity of her pain till she was gone --the truth was later revealed how much she had concealed those unbearable pain with sheer willpower and a neversaydie attitude to life ,For her

                         "There was  always a dawn that no pain will prevent her from seeing "

                                  I want this night to end in a hurry --this moment to be erased in a jiffy --the truth i heard to be forgotten as if i never heard ---painful alright --but to categorise that "Unbearable"--felt impossible -once i remembered that great soul's act of courage --my second tear went back never to come back again ---Maybe her point was not only to show her willpower it might have been to instill belief in her son that
                        "There is a dawn to be seen despite any pain "

  With Your Evergreen Memories Mom --This life of mines will roll on despite anything       
 Period !!!!



  1. She was a great lady always --Thanks Shanks :)

  2. Your Mom will always remain alive in your words. She is blessing you each time you look up. :)