Friday, December 14, 2012

FIRST SIGNS ,,,,,,,!!!!

    "Signs are the best indication of where u r headed ,,,,,,,"
   The first signs of a worried father --is  when he asks us "Can you?"--for the first time instead of his usual "You Can"!!!

   The first signs of a best friend  --- is when among hundred friends he/she listens to your silence

    The first signs of true love      ---  is when someone is so inquisite and excited  abt wanting to see your childhood pictures

   The first signs of maturity       ---   is when you accept ur first loss -- acknowledged by a smile masking flowing tears.

   The first signs of  loneliness    ---   is when you feel your silence as your best companion

   The first signs of  soulmate      ---   is when someone gives u support no matter what --gives u hope against hope --in my case --unseen too but magical nevertheless

   The first signs of satisfaction   ---   is when your mother touches your head and just smiles in acknowledgement of something she wished that was accomplished by you.

   The first signs  of  friends for life --is when u find sumone trustworthy enough  to say intimate truths and patient enough to accept our silly jokes !!!

   The First Signs of motivation  --   is when u decide to prove people who keep saying "You cant" --again and again ---wrong.

   The First Signs of Frustration  ---  is when you fight with people you love most not realising it is not the right thing to do

   The First Sign of  Sucess         ---  is when repeated failures dont scare you anymore

  The First signs of  Desperation ---  is when you start listening to meaningless advices from strangers

  The First Signs of Happiness    ---  is when tears roll out uncalled upon

  The First Signs of Regret          ---  is when u accept u were wrong on sumthing u did hoping it was right .
                                                       Human life is a mixture of everything --as they say a box of chocolates--but you definitely know where you are heading if you folllow the signs of nature --there is nothing in this world as mysterical as life itself!!!


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