Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Perspective About Relationships and Breakups !!!

" I know i will eventually get nothing out of this but that is not enuf reason to just forget my efforts in making this relationship happen in the first place "
                                              ----  That was way back in 2008 -the person was one unforgettable persons - her words still bring me goosebumps every single time i reminisce them -especially her respect for relationship despite living away from her family due to unfortunate circumstances --not for a single time till  i knew this friend she uttered a word in disrespect of any one of them who left her in midway --I lived a totally different life till then i visualised a world which had only goodness and no place for such mishaps in life --for long i believed "Love will win over anything "--until i met couple of such characters in my life -Maybe it is true in the end sumtimes u have to accept "Inevitability is impossible to overcome ",,but the part up until that breaking point should not be forgotten in the haste of the moment .
                                                      Couple of days back i met  a friend's elder brother --after formal enquiries i asked how is your wife and kid(he has a beautiful little daughter)--he replied --Well we have offficially applied for seperation --i was taken back --this was a person who fell madly with that girl and their relationship was more than 10 years before they married and within few yrs,,a few misunderstandings --couple of months of staying away they decided to part ways --while it is impossible for me to access the life of a married man --i was taken back by his words on her which bordered on high disrespectfulness--I had no business to talk more --but the thought of "What about the respect,,the memories ,,the smiles --the poignant moments in that relationship "--All ruined by couple of misunderstandings ?--R u kidding me --i told myself .

                                                    " I was brought up by a mother who taught me its inhuman to disrespect any relationship --she taught me always to remember the real meaning of a realationship --misunderstandings are inevitable in a long journey --but remember  them as temporary stops along the way not the destination u were meant to travel with each other --I still remember her once saying

              "Its impossible to know what the other person feels without being in their shoes --never be judgemental on the basis of  a incident"

                                                 -- accepted with all my efforts i have struggled to implement that --but something i have always made a point  to have is ---"never  have hatred on anyone who i loved truly "--had my share of innumerous breakups --some by fates --some by misunderstandings --but all had a constant which could have avoided the eventuality --"ME"--maybe as years rolled by  --i do understand more and more the importance of valuing a relationship-or a long standing friendship--How much pain --how much compromises --how much untold love --how much countless excited nights ---how many playful talks --how many mails --how many chats ---etc etc in making a relationship work ---yet it takes not even a second to decide it is not needed --fast paced world alright --we keep the priorities on the wrong things and forget the right ones that need our attention .
                                            "Why dont u just leave me,,there are million people in this world if u forgot  "i remember barking at a friend some years back --- She replied " Sure ,show me sumone as flawed as u ,,who talks as silly as u --who is as short tempered as u are --and more than that  find me sumone who made me compromise so much to have a friendship "--I lost her and so many friends --as a 30 plus guy now i do realise how stupid i was  then --Never underestimate a relationship ---nothing comes for free in this world --but happiness does --if u value the importance of every person who loved u truly --Despite anything that happens in the end always remember it is just not a good enough reason to say the realationship or friendship was meaningless --because "true love and respect will always make u a better person --breakups after all symbolises a feeling a nothingness --thats all !!
                                          I have many times written my blogs in dedication of sumone special --this blog is  a tribute to three people --my unique soulmate --my once close friend for 25 years --and my marvellous "writer friend "--i have  lost them unfortunately  now but again that is just not a good enuf reason to forget the magical moments i have had---the best way to pay tribute to any relationship is to be thankful that it happened ,,not regret it for moment --Breakups symbolises a feeling a nothingness --nothing more -Give a chance for  people to  remember  u for the right reasons ---So even if u r lonely u will be never lost -now that came out perfectly from my hand as i wished --lolz --Cheers  :):):)!!!                                  


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  1. I liked it.. very true.. i also always feel the innumerable positive moments we had in a relationship are more important than.. one or two negative moments in it.. I always wish those negative moments are immediately overridden by those positive moments.. - Suresh