Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Missing Someone Is A Feeling Worth Having "

                         "Missing someone shows u loved and have been loved truly"     

    " I Miss U Lot "--Seeing a picture  with wordings "Vaibhav " of a friend  --my mouth uttered ---this friend the most important friend who made me believe --"Nothing is unacceptable if u learn to accept happenings and inevitable changes "
      Turn Back ur life --there will every such instance where u would keep missing sumeone --for a life journey might seem short but the path always seems long and along the way from the beginning to the end there is only one guaranteed passenger -"U"
              "The first time i missed sumone was when one of my closest school frds moved to another school after my tenth standard --i cried a whole night unable to digest the truth --it took long time then to realise this is way life works --then slowly it became a habit losing people to various reasons and unable to adapt to the feeling of missing them ,,a poor college life personally complicated issues --i could never get along with the feeling of adapting to missing close people ---then came the biggest shock
              Just like that in a flash mom left ---the whole word of "Missing"took a devilish turn --it seemed i coulfd have been consumed by that very feeling of emptiness--but the most important thing gets ignored because of this "empty"feeling --the real importance of the person --the memories they leave --the lessons their departures taught --the mistakes to be taken note of never to be repeated --too often the very feeling of missing sumeone makes us forget the bigger picture --the lessons being offered to resurrect ur life --the memories to be cherished --so many factors seems to be ignored for the absence of someone we loved just endlessly .

            "Never love sumone too much they say "--I would rather say "Never forget sumeone u loved too much "
                    Yes i do miss lot of people ---old pictures make me realise how much i miss --and its hell a lot --seen my fair share of breakups ,misunderstandings and some sudden demises of few angelic people --I once cried endlessly on the feeling of missing someone --now after nearly 15 years of struggle to accept the fact that missing is inevitable and part of life  .

               ** From the time i missed my school friend --then missing schoolmates -then to miss collegemates --then to miss my wonderful mom ---to losing the most efferevescent person of my life --i have kept missing non stop --so much so --there are no more tears left when the feeling of emptiness sets in --But all along probably have ignored the wonderful facts  that came along before the abrupt end --Probably failing to appreciate the beauty of loving and being loved is what makes missing sumone all the more worse ,,tears are signs of acknowledgement of that exact feeling !!

                 I have never stopped missing hell a lot people in my life -my sisters stay so far away --my best friends stay so far away too -and some other people i wish was with me smile in photographs with frames and flowers around them --work ,responsibility ,social interactions all have made life lot less tougher --but old pictures ,old gifts ,old mails ,old chats ,,sumtimes old sms remind me what im missing --and im sure im not only one in this world to have that feeling --its better to have this pain than to live without anyone worth remembering to miss in life .
             "Missing is part of journey that shows ur path towards your destiny --noone comes along the whole way --its just u and u only --The people whom u miss in life need to be  appreciated rather than regretted for their absence ---Noone can change destiny --like that noone can erase a beautiful past --a past that made u smile happily so many times --a past that will always make u feel a proud man/lady for loving sumone truly and loved back equally and in some cases like mine  more than that --future might be lonely path to travel --but with these wonderful memories it wont be a lost one --So if u miss sumone just b happy u have been lucky and  hope for the best --appreciate those beautiful moments which made u feel very special .

                "Missing someone  is remembering someone really special --painful it maybe forgettable it will never  be !!! "


  1. Nice one.. Especially the last words "its better to have this pain than to live without anyone worth remembering to miss in life ." -suresh.

    1. True Suresh ---im very happy to see u reading my blogs --thanks a lot !!!