Sunday, February 3, 2013

Forgiveness Is Ur Best Opportunity To Be At Peace !

    " Forgiveness is a option ,, Importantly a option that decides whether you are a egoist or not "
                                           Recently a sucessful business man in his early 40's --a elder brother to a friend i knew lost his father --Due to lot of misunderstandings and difference of opinion he had not spoken to his father for close to 15 years --"I asked him to forgive me  in his grave "saying this he broke down badly --i could see how much he loved his father as every one of us do --I know how exactly it feels to lose one of your parents --after all  i lost my wonderful mother when i was just 20-I had few questions in my mind later when i rewinded the incident - what stopped such a loving son to speak to his dad when he was alive ---He had time to ask forgiveness certainly --There could not be a greater reason which could have stopped him from giving peace to himself and his father for eternity --But it did not and it certainly was not the first time i felt something like that in life ,Maybe you are too helpless to realise the magnamity of the situation

                                          Silence is not a solution to gripping misunderstandings --Why should we carry a pain for lifetime when there is a chance to bury that for lifetime by merely asking forgiveness or giving forgiveness---A simple solution to kill a growing pain in the beginning itself--Whatever the reason maybe --however valid it maybe --no matter how much hurt it brought u--it simply is not a good enough reason to carry something  unnecessarily for a whole life -we have enough reasons to fight for life already dont we ,,lolz.                          
          "That you can love completely is ample proof u can never hate anyone "

                                     ---I have read that somewhere --In a way it sums up what it is ---No human being is devoid of love --and whats amazing is in most cases that beautiful feeling which began a relationship --which strengthened the mutual trust on each other --be it between a brother -sister --between  siblings --in family or in any relation is completely lost when there is confusion at a precise moment whether to forgive or ask forgiveness --the demon in us wakes up and makes us do things we would never do if we remember that beautiful  feeling for jsut one moment --A feeling called "Love".
Love is something that exist in every relation  in this world .

                          "Maybe it is true we love carefully than completely "

                                          I feel excruciating pain everytime i hear someone say like what my frd did regarding his father --i have never been the perfect guy --i have been through all those situations countless times --it took me long time to realise the pain of that word ---i remember standing every single day before my mothers picture and asking for forgiveness for not being the son she visioned --and to think i never did that  when she was alive is enough testimony to realise the importance of the word --i try as much as i can to give ultimate respect to this word with people whom i love -to make a relationship possible --it takes hell a lot of pain and ultimate respect to a realtionship comes when u r prepared --prepared to kill ur ego to make the relationship work --a chance to hold on to something which made u happy-- a oppurtunity to create more unforgettable memories --maybe one more reason to wake up the next day with hope --who knows ?--Refusing to respect the word will invisbily hurt your better tommorow.

                              "  Forgiveness is a opportunity to get a smile and give a smile "

                                          (Believe me it is no joy to ask forgiveness seeing someones picture or in sumones grave --if u get a opportunity to forgive or ask forgiveness --JUST DO IT WITHOUT A BLINK OF EYE -ITS UR LIFE --ITS UR BEST OPPORTUNITY TO BE AT PEACE :):))

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