Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stalking -A Dangerous Act That Has To Be Stopped !!!

                                              Another shameful act in the name of unreturned love  by a barbaric human being ended a young girl's life --Vinothini all of 23 years with lot of untold dreams was thrown acid by a stalker who had been troubling her to accept his supposedly "true love"--when eventually knowing his love was not reciprocated --he turned himself into a remorseless human being --disfiguring her face in a barbaric act --Worse was he never felt any remorse even after being arrested for this heinous act --the girl suffered a massive heart attack after being in treatment and succumbed unfortunately --the girl has gone --the guy behind the bars  --I doubt whether the guy ever knew the meaning of the wonderful word love --Otherwise he would not have tried to force his wish to be  same of that innocent's girls .
                                             Sufferings for a girl in this society seem to be growing endless --the other day one of my good friends email id was hacked -a pretty much strong will powered girl herself working in a respected concern ,seemed very tensed about the happenings --so much so she deleted her social networking sites anticipating more such acts by sumone who had started to indulge in some painfully poor acts like hacking -In reality Stalking has become a untold rule for denied love or expression for meaningless excess love .

                                              There are calls for strict rules --call for stricter punishment for harassment --frankly speaking can anyone guess such heinous and indecent crimes by people --Not everyone is born bad or as a criminal .

                                         "  The inevitability of accepting a impending defeat is what makes a person so vulnerable --is what makes him do heinous crimes --the best solution lies with that person --he is the only one who can stop such acts " To categorise strict laws --strict punishments is all for expectation of something bad or punishing a act that was bad --but the moment when someone is vulnerable is something noone can guess ---That moment if we are able to sustain that urge to hit back against a wrong gone wish is the best way to stop such acts ,that is something that has to be taught from young age , sadly we are always been away from discussing the dangers of sexual abusing ,stalking , from our young age --restriction of uttering even such words leave alone discussin is what makes people unaware of their strength in trying to stop that moment of urge --that moment of madness,Sadly that hasnt been the case at all ,,Being educated doesnt guarantee u to  be aware  enought to fight ur weakest moment .But educated enough in right sense could .

                                            The Delhi barbaric act killing a young women ,,here a acid attack killing a young aspiring girl ,,a 2 year old girl sexually abused by a guy,,a airhostess who commits suicide six months before for harrasment --her mother killed herself recently not able to accept  more torture --A strong  girls email id hacked ,,stalking becomin more and more an righteous act to satisfy that unknown vulnerability --where is this all gonna end--strict rules ,,stricter punishments are a case of after thought or assumption  of belief but the solution has to be with us people --If a girl doesnt feel secured enough to walk freely ,talk freely ,live a life in her own independant terms --then there is not one  good enough reason to believe that as a country we are moving forward.

         " Early man hunted animals for their living -- Men of today hunt women for their urge

                                      And they say mankind has come a long way ,,,,,,,!!!
With Lot of pain,,,,waiting for a better tomm
C ya Soon .

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