Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Sweethearts !!!!

"To my best friend Ravi and his wife my little sissy Deepa  celebrating 3 years of togetherness -On their 3rd Wedding Anniversary"
"Me and Ur dad have never fought for the best part of 25 years --Marriage was the best thing that happened to me --My life began then  --a beautiful life as u know was waiting ,,,,!!!"
                                                                          My Mom once said this ---Marriage is considered to be the single most thing that makes a person a complete one in our part of the world ---Always had this theory seeing married people that there may not be exactly lot of ideal couples in the world but there is not one couple that tries not to be one during the course of their long journey together(As i write this im still a single guy so i cant  exactly write from experience but have seen bit and lived in awe watching my parents from young age give utmost importance and respect to this relationship --My dad even after lot of pressures to marry again after my moms sudden demise never married again )
         Feb 18,19 -2010                              
                                    I remember being slightly tensed when all this happened few years back --Here was my best friend getting married --Will the girl be the right one ?--Will she be the one that seperates me and my best buddy -So many things were running along my mind when i was travelling to Bangalore --and i was attending 3 marriages within 2 days --and i had to unfortunately miss the big days function of my best friend while i did attend his reception--Known for the best part of 15 years --i had inherited a lot of his family members who had taken me into their own family  (Special mention to Pradeep kumar ,Nirmal ,Nithya )--but the moment i saw deepa ,,there was a sense of unknown calmness --a feeling of silent happiness--that a frdship atleast is secured for a longer time than expected -(little did i know then i was about to get a sister for life too )-The life before marriage between friends and life after marriage is a huge barrier to overcome --most cases it is the cut off point even between best mates --not entirely unfair --for a new person to get accustomed to a new family in itself is a big barrier --to expect her to follow the same with her partners best friends is almost close to asking too much ,,but there are rare exceptions and i found absolute rarity as a easily acquaintable possibility with Deepa --With added bonus of becomin a lovely sister being the icing of cake .
                                 This is for u both sweethearts and yes they have a wonderful little angel "Sana "--to make it one  lovely happy family
                                        கடலின் சீற்றம் காற்றில் தெரியும்
                                        மகிழ்ச்சியின் அளவு சிரிப்பில் தெரியும்
                                       தோல்வியின் வலி கண்ணீரில் தெரியும்
                                       வாழ்கையின் வெற்றி நம்பிக்கையில் தெரியும்
                                       நம்பிக்கையின் பிம்பம் என் கரம் பிடித்தவளோடு !!!

                               Here's wishing one of the best couples i know--two of the loveliest human beings u will ever see --People who care for others ---who love each other for every reason possible --and yes people who stood by each other the moment to make this relationship a reality --To have someone accompany you side by side holding your hand in the long journey of life is the utmost pleasure you could have in life ,To a lovely sister and to a friend whom i could have only dreamt heres wishing "A Happy 3 rd  wedding Anniversary -Luv u lot "
                        (P.S--They say marriage is a instituiton i hope one day i get admission to write from personal experience --lolz)
C Ya

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  1. No words bro just loads of love :)
    Thank you so much for making this day spl...