Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Caste" --What We Started Is Killing Us Now !!!

                       "Love needs just two souls to unite 
                         Not Necessarily two souls of same caste "
                                                                 Another life is gone by the name of caste,this has not been a new issue in my part of the world especially ---the moment you are born into a caste you are involuntarily ordered to follow the rules of caste --it has been the same from generations to generations --decade after decade nothing has seemingly changed the perception that if you go against your own caste then you are bound to be seen as a villain ,,as a crime instigator and someone to be held against completely in the eye of society for going against the strict stupid rules of castes ,Love happens the moment u see a girl /or guy who makes u feel different to every other human being you encounter in life --it is a wonderful feeling that only hearts understand --a perception beyond this monster caste could understand -sometimes love is like a magical torch that helps a lost soul finds its way and only love can do it --it doesnt require the approval of even our parents forget about anything else --yet  here it has to be approved by everything this society demands and eventually sometimes cruelly takes away precious lives -The fear to love based on caste would be the biggest shame that we could face because it never should be a reason --Ppl loved before ,,ppl fall in love now and no matter how many lives this greedy monster devours people will continue finding love because we are products of love --not of anythin else --not of caste and creed nonsense certainly .

  What's this fight for caste for?
                                              Is it to hold family dignity above everything? --to showcase caste as a the most important factor eventually brought out ?-it has actually destroyed two families beyond resurrection --the boy's family is bound to cry for whole life of this atrocious unbelievable end to his life ,,the girl is bound to be a lost soul and it would take years for her to recover from this shock --and it has shaken up many more people's lives --question mark over the feeling of love would terrorise people in caste difference and the terrible after effects of disclosing the very fact to the society ,,Isn't it a mockery to the belief we have in life ?--People who eventually marry sumone from other caste is seen as a villain --a criminal by his own family and surrounding --he is marked out for his supposedly unforgiveable crime of marrying someone he loved despite so called "caste differences"--the remaining lot is made to accept the thought that "Loving is a unpardonable offence and loving other caste person a sin "---Where does this all point too--Nothing but a bleak poor future --Love is like a torch light to a lost soul searching for happiness--caste  politics kills the light of our lives by repeatedly denying to vanish despite attempts by great leaders and poets in the past 

   What's the worth for upholding and abiding by our caste  always ?
                                             R u gona be garlanded for your services following caste ?R u gona be acknowledged as a martyr in ur community for your services for strictly following your caste rules  --R u gona be the torch bearer for the generations to follow -- What about your happiness ?What about being fair to yourself ?What about living life the way u want to be ? Where is the necessity to forget about our happiness ,our heart's voice ,our true feelings for the sake of upholding caste priorities and family dignity --Is there at all a end to this saga --20 years before when i was in school this seemed like a weird episode that brought out a giggle --Now it seems as if everyone of us are just helpless audiences to the various dramas that are being enacted cruelly in the name of caste--there seems no respite and there seems to be no fight in us to despise this fact --Acceptance of a false identity is fine than  to be recognised for what we fight for --There seems to be no end --Today this youth joins the thousands who have sacrificed their lives helplessly --and seems this monster is still ready to consume lot more of us remorselessly --the worse part is we created this thing called "Caste"and it is eating us --That is the saddest part of the lot --What we created is starting to kill us --is it not the time to stand up to be counted? --To begin the end  to this domination of caste in our society .
                                           Few days later all this will die until another news comes up but it is very important that in this short life -we stand up for things we are meant to --this is not about fighting a unknown disease --this is about fighting a monster we created --this is about having hope in life --having belief in life ,,about having trust in life --in our fellow human beings --about treating people with equality beyond caste --respecting that magical word love in the real essence --Is there anything more happy than seeing our daughter ,sisters ,brothers ,friends smile in happiness beyond all this caste ,creed etc ---the joy of being reason to that is unmatched --to categorise social pressures ,family dignity are all just lame ways to say we are not brave enough to fight what we created ---After all the only way we could counter this atrocious growing monster is by joining together in fighting against the caste differences and stop such terrible instances occuring again and again ---It has been happening far too long ,,its time something's done to bring back faith in our lives 
      "Its better to be known for what u live than to live with a false identity that u dont represent"

    (I do accept i have been part of  atrocious idocricity for years and now it feels frustrating that my time is running out too and watching lamely everything feels very bad --especially the number of precious lives being taken away in name of caste ---Sumwhere my heart bleeds for this to stop --for ppl to understand the priorities --for ppl to know where happiness reside certainly not in this caste melodrama )


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