Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Depression And Loneliness Increasingly Becoming Untamed Demons!!!!

     "There is no better person grittier than the one you see every day in your mirror
       We as humans are born to fight --so refuse to quit at any cost  "

                   " I have  gone through some terrible depressing moments and endless loneliness for years but have always found the willpower through some great ppl --but there is no denying that it has always been the toughest test every single time i was pushed to darkness --my search for that ray of light was scary ,fearful and tearful but thankfully  always had a ray of light at the end of tunnel --i write this blog with heavy heart reading lot of suicide news increasingly from celebrities to normal people --the reasons being the same though - Depression and Loneliness"


                              " Love is a feeling I wake up with in the morning and it’s gone by the time I go to sleep.---Jiah Khan "   
                                 As news flashed all around last month   of Bollywood actress Jiah Khan --my mind went to those words she had uttered few yrs ago which I happened to read accidentally --I knew nothing about actress --nor did I know much at all when she passed away after a sad incident where she hanged herself --May Her Soul Rest In Peace as its always tough to accept when a person is not allowed to live his/her life the full course its due .

In another incident that happened yesterday in Chennai 

                                              Another suicide ---supposedly of serious depression and loneliness --and it was mentioned in reports that the person who suicided supposedly was in a relationship that noone knew --somewhere that is where the solution lies --finding someone to talk troubling issues is very pertinent --sometimes life is too tired to search for that friend but you have to find that someone to feel confident of fighting fate ---Just one person --to help u out of rough turbulent times ---its always advisable not to have too many ppl who know ur intimate secrets  --but that one important person might be the one who pulls you out whilst you have a acceptable brain fade or hasty "in the moment" anger--somewhere there has to  be a outlet --depression and loneliness is a tough issue that is slowly engulfing the youth of today --i read plenty of such news in newspapers and happenings in and around leave a feeling of alarming helplessness --To categorise sumone who has ended his/her life as cowards is just not right ---there is not a single life that can be considered meaningless because only that person knows his /her struggles and sometimes it all goes away with the person without world knowing a iota of the truth,,everyone have their own goals to reach but its not bad if u stop for a moment to see the person who trusts you is running to his / her goal ---in our relentless quest we forget what we could do to save such incidents ---maybe all it takes a pat of back saying--"Its ok give another try "----"The words of a friend are so powerful that it awakens a untold grit in us "--im saying this from personal experience --i have had some very tough depressing times and everytime had a shoulder to fall upon ---the most powerful words are often said by a friend --second only to our parents --the refreshed feeling gives renewed hopes to fight something very important in fighting loneliness ---because loneliness is a monster that is relentless in its quest of engulfing the person it targets into complete darkness  --the only way out is trying to find a ray of light --as human beings we cant hope God to bail us out but thts why we are given the power to select the friends we can trust in the most wobbly situations .

                                        The bigger picture is how we ignore the real life supporting factors by focusing our interest on  solely lifeless things such as money and fame ,
            "Finding and accepting  love in any form  is in many ways the very definition of life "

                                               Evolution of life is a intriguing experience --Where life begins with just few members all the while the comforts of being pampered feels like eternity --the time seems magical because the presence of a mother during the initial years of life is unmatched --the warmth of a mother is felt most closely at that stage --and the beauty is it stays same till the last --but what transpires in life after that initial period where the role of a family is so important in getting ready you to face the rigours of this world ,The part that follows determines whether it is a derailing path or smooth ride to fulfillment ,Out in the face of stern test there are plenty of oppurtunities to meet new people(every close friend is a stranger once upon a time )--the most significant phase follows --something that is inevitable to every one of us .
                                                But in search for fame and money which are two factors that are never quenchable in our lives ,,we forget to prioritise important factors which eventually give real meanings to our lives , loneliness comes mainly of this unending search --loneliness leads to depression --it is a dangerous chain which seems unbreakable --quite surprisingly most of our lives travel the same path --i would love to hear someone if not everyone say they have experienced nothing but happiness  --but this is life --everyone goes through tests of different kinds ---happiness and sadness overlap with each other --its impossible to escape some eventualities or inevitabilities --the most we can do is to be prepared to face these eventualities --We Can &We Must overcome such brain fades and disappointing depressing moments --i have felt many times the following

    "There is no better person grittier than the one you see every day in your mirror
      We as humans are born to fight so refuse to quit at any cost  "

                                             May the departed souls R.I.P and hope to see less if not no news regarding suicides in future --it feels bad every single time despite not knowing anything about ppl who ended their lives --doesnt feel good at all :(!!!

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